Sunday, March 22, 2009

~Sunday Training~


This morning (22nd march 2009) i did my training in uitm shah alam. two laps of MelatiRun (men route) and so there were few UiTM Runners' Club members that join the training. With different paces we were running together for the first lap, we try to maintain in group as close as possible. 

Members that joint the training were:

(**they were waiting at the starting point to take care our bags and also to snap our pictures)

we started running at 7.20am after stretching that was lead by miss awin (club's vice president). we run at slow pace, about 6-7min/km, as we have new members join the run. that was good! new members coming to join the morning run! who is really wanted to wake up early on Sunday just for the RUN???? hahaha! we will - THE RUNNERS..
good effort!
as the first round, i bring my camera along to snap some pictures, because this is for the group run, it's ok for me. but for the 2nd lap (own pace lap), i didnt my camera along as it would make me harder to run or maybe make me distracted by holding the camera along.

The 2nd lap, we run the "bukit tonggek".... whoa! at 3rd quater, i really cant run anymore, and just stop and walked to the top! CRAZY hill! then the other part was ok, but yes, i'm exhausted. hmm, wondering what is the problems? am i not fit enough? hariz and hafizi were gone, never saw them anymore. but nassa was gone faster. infact, he finished 1st and went back to the college to take shower 1st as he has class at 9.30am. hahaha!
i did 23:35 for the 2nd lap. at the 1st lap, we run together for 40:xx..

at the finishing point.... yehaaa....(24mins for the second round)


Anonymous said...

U lost at Bukit Tonggek? Haha... but good practice...kena byk train lg at tat hill :)

pJarT_FiZa said...

aku xpuas ati aa ni
aku g name aku xde di mentioned..
kecil ati laa cmni...
xmo amik gamba da..uhuhuh "(

zuddin said...

alohh sorry pjart.. tertinggal.. dah update dah.. see? ada nama kau.. hehe

adek dush said...

woo...bangun pagi2 kasi pekene nasik lemak ar br layan...hehehe...
bagus2...fokus target bulan jun!