Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ulu Yam Trip~ yehaaa


this post is about my fun trip to ulu yam with another four friends of mine. we (amek, amad, bro, & I) departed from shah alam with amek's car at 9am then went to Klang to fetch ujid. ujid prepared fried bihun for us, yehaaa.... so then, we went to ulu yam, errr we really didnt know what way amek used, huhu... later, we arrived at ulu yam P3 (the waterfall) at 11.15am, this is the first time for amad, amek, bro, n ujid to come to ulu yam. but for me, even though i live here before, this is the first time i came to that waterfall.

as this day is tuesday, there were not so many people there or maybe no people at all.. soon as we arrived, amad really gets excited and we took a picture b4 we went down :)

the water was so cold and we couldnt stand for more than 30mins down there.. just about 20mins we sit at the side to eat fried bihun and yeah ujid brought "cekodok" too.. hehe..
after 40mins, we came out from the waterfall and we moved to the another spot, this time is now waterfall but river... ;)
it was in ulu yam woods resort. the place was not as good as before, i've been here in 7 years ago and at that time, the river is a better (not so much stone).. oh yeah, now this place need to pay the fee, rm2 per person.. i forget wether i did pay for it last time or not.

we stopped here for about another 40mins. the water was so nice - cold and clean. 

my friends... bro, amad, amek, ujid (from left)

then after we finished at this river, we went back, but it's not the end yet... we stop by at Rock Dam. i dont know wether it is in selayang area or hulu yam already.. we stopped here to finish some more fried bihun and to take pictures. the view was nice.

lastly we went back to shah alam and hang out for some drinks in shah alam section 2 food court, and at this time it has been already 4pm. after drinks and chit chat among us, we went back and as i have to prepare for my kayak training, huhu.... 
i went to kayak training like always, still have energy  this time.. did my regular training.
in the night, we went again to the section 2 food court and had our dinner. whoa! nice dinner with friends, we had chicken soup, meat soup, and tom yam as the hot soup! nice~~~

this is the story of my last tuesday :)
tq for reading it, until then, chow..... 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cleaning up my hard disk

fuhh.. my hard disk is so messy just like my room (was... not now anymore)... so does my laptop suppose to be, now i'm cleaning up (compress or delete) pictures in my F folder. as i love to take pictures and collect pictures, so my laptop is like an album.. haha!
normally people will spend most of their space in laptop for games, songs, or videos (either movies or video clips) but not me! I have 18.5Gb of pictures in my laptop which contains of 9259 pictures and 174 folders.. haha love it!

now (11.20pm) i'm continue my previous work of compressing pictures. adoi! ada pening jugak, too many folders, want to delete some but worry if i want to use it. even though i know i have save it in DVDs, but still didnt delete it. hehe XD

hmm... just done compressing my pictures folder. now is 12.20am.. watching those videos and pictures of my friends when we in UiTM make me smile.. and at some point feel sad cuz miss those moment so much.. as now, some of us wont further their study - working right now.. 
by compressing the pictures & delete some unwanted pictures/vids, now my pictures folder is 15.8Gb, which contains 9183 pictures with 173 folders..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lets talk KAYAK

salam, lately i've been training for kayak, actually at first i was just want to see how is it, i mean can i kayak or not. and also want to learn a little bit about kayak. but then, it turned out the other way.....
we had our first training (a.k.a first class) at 26th mac 09, and the coach were amir (called him koyok) and another one amir (called kayap). the first day, we tried single kayak and all first comers were asked to try "nova". it's a recreational kayak, made from plastic. what type of plastic, huh, i dunno!
it was ok. no problem in balancing the kayak, as i had kayak in last 2 years (the same type of kayak). but it was only once, haha!
that afternoon, en.hafiz a.k.a our team manager met us (me, ahmad, kamal, fizi, nasrul, wana, fifi) and told us to train hard n this is just "nova" kayak not yet the racing kayak which is "TK". the "TK" is harder to balance. as it was built for speed, so it is harder to balance (yes of course just for newbie)..

after two weeks, we had to try the "TK" kayak as we have to get used to it. haha! damn hard to balance it, as kamal n i always shaking when we get into it. huhu~~
and for the first day we must get used to it, no need to pedal fast but make sure go straight and able to control it. then as i can pedal smoothly, i started to pedal faster, and i heard kamal said "wah hebat kau din", huhu~... just after about 10seconds later, debush!!! kayak ku terbalik... hahaha! and i cant swim... trying my best to swim to the side with pulling the kayak together, but i wasnt moving... :p
luckily, the coach is still at the back of us n then he helped me... he showed shocking face when i told him i cant swim.. hehehe... luckily wear the life jacket.
after that fall, i was immediately think that i'm not into this kayak thing. in other way, i almost give up... give up... huhu... the fall, the cant swim make me feel so down.. :p

but, then koyok gave me n kamal bring home the life jacket. because we normally come early. ok, at this time, my spirit had increased! cuz i can see that he wanted us to get down training frequently. so, it's ok... i tried another shot another day..

and as day goes by, alhamdulillah, i'm doing good now. no more fall. kamal, he felt for many times but i believed that were good for him, good lesson.. and now, he doesnt fall anymore and becoming faster. :)

ecah fix the tubes at the front of kayak...

my kayak.... 

sit- checked, tubes- checked, cockpit- checked~ ready to go..

so  now, i have this kayak training every afternoon..! whoa! lalalalala... every 5.30 pm people can see us on the lakes for that training... pity for couple that dating at that time, cuz we will be there to make some noise!! or more noise!! hahaha!

ok, at this moment, this is all what can i story about my kayaking program. will update more story later.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can't Believe!!

hmm, as normal last sunday (5th april 09) , I had my sunday run with URC members, but the different this time was there were not many people joint this run, only 7 members. 3 members did one round, and another 4 members did two rounds!
7 members that joint were;


naz; nas; sufi; soleh; daus; me

we started quite late - 7.20am, as usual, we run together 1st than we had our own pace run! hmm, seriously sucks for this day run, my right legs a little bit pain when starting the 2nd round and i had side stitch half of the 2nd round. seriously terrible! for this 2nd round, soleh, daus, n sufi joint together and i'm leading at first 10minutes and later at PTAR 1, sufi overtook me, at end of 'padang kawad' soleh overtook me, and at pusat kesihatan bro daus overtook me.. aiyaa, i have no more extra power to chase them back or even to maintain my pace. i seriously slow down. i had finished this 2nd lap for 27min:16sec.. 29th march run was better - 25min:36sec... hmmm..
oh my God, i lost to sufi this time.. totally lost! huhu


see? my damn exhausted face.. how am i going to join da half marathon.. adeh!

jom bergambar

now as i join the kayak training i have a little bit less training for running! hmm, wednesday to saturday have the kayak training, hehe join kayak but can't swim.. used to terbalik once.. then it was tough to get back at the side cuz can't swim.. haha!

but as i really feel that my running performance down a little, so i need to plan my running schedule well! need to ensure that in this month, every week i must run atleast 40k.. huh? boleh ke.. hahaha :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sunday training


Last sunday (29th march 2009) I had another training with my club's members, it's a 10km training.. This training I think can not shaves up 15 minutes from my last 20km record but this is for the maintaining the fitness I already obtained. People always said, if you want to be better, you have to work harder.. But this sunday training is more on easy long run, errr, maybe not long enough.... I want to do 3laps soon, as if i round UiTM for 3 rounds, it means i have run for about 15km.. speed?? that one i will focus on later. i just need my legs to be regular with long distance running.. i wonder how some people run ULTRA MARATHON (100km and above)!! are they crazy!?

mun; sufi; daus; me; nassa; amad

UiTM route is really good for training as it has really challenging hills, and if we train regularly at this area, there will be no problems to conquer the hills at Bukit Tunku area later.. haha!

New Balance 15km will be on 17th May. I still have 6 weeks to training. hmm, 15km..... lets put some target here. I want to finish 15km in 1hour 25mins!!
how am i going to achieve that? =long run training + speed training + drills = SUCCESS!!

back on this sunday training, our first lap run was a group run and we ran first lap for 32 minutes. the second lap as we run at our own pace, i did it 25mins 36sec.. maybe i didnt run in the weekdays, so that is a good reason why i'm so exhausted in 2nd lap, while i was running the hills up, i'm breathing so hard, my legs stride smaller and also i am slower! damn... i need consistency in my running now. however, as now i involve in kayak training, i need to divide my time perfectly to train my legs and also my upper body. WOW loves sport!! hahaha

leading in 2nd lap (for a while..hahaha)

bro daus has improve a lot compare to last week, his pace is better than me now! salute you bro!! ~see my face? hahaha, so tired to follow his pace :p

sufinah, another good runner... she has improve so much compare to last year when we were still new in this club. as we run 10km, she overtakes me few times... huhu... 

amad, a great make over runner! from non-runner to a mid distance runner, that's awesome... stop his bad habits of smoking to a healthy lifestyle... timing? yup, he is improving well....

must do a cooling down before we get back.. IMPORTANT!!

My next year target is to join the Temasya Olahraga Tahunan UiTM... i need to improve myself a lot to be a competitive runner.. maybe i wont win, but i want to give some challenge to other runners!

-running never takes more than what it gives back-