Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cleaning up my hard disk

fuhh.. my hard disk is so messy just like my room (was... not now anymore)... so does my laptop suppose to be, now i'm cleaning up (compress or delete) pictures in my F folder. as i love to take pictures and collect pictures, so my laptop is like an album.. haha!
normally people will spend most of their space in laptop for games, songs, or videos (either movies or video clips) but not me! I have 18.5Gb of pictures in my laptop which contains of 9259 pictures and 174 folders.. haha love it!

now (11.20pm) i'm continue my previous work of compressing pictures. adoi! ada pening jugak, too many folders, want to delete some but worry if i want to use it. even though i know i have save it in DVDs, but still didnt delete it. hehe XD

hmm... just done compressing my pictures folder. now is 12.20am.. watching those videos and pictures of my friends when we in UiTM make me smile.. and at some point feel sad cuz miss those moment so much.. as now, some of us wont further their study - working right now.. 
by compressing the pictures & delete some unwanted pictures/vids, now my pictures folder is 15.8Gb, which contains 9183 pictures with 173 folders..

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