Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sunday training


Last sunday (29th march 2009) I had another training with my club's members, it's a 10km training.. This training I think can not shaves up 15 minutes from my last 20km record but this is for the maintaining the fitness I already obtained. People always said, if you want to be better, you have to work harder.. But this sunday training is more on easy long run, errr, maybe not long enough.... I want to do 3laps soon, as if i round UiTM for 3 rounds, it means i have run for about 15km.. speed?? that one i will focus on later. i just need my legs to be regular with long distance running.. i wonder how some people run ULTRA MARATHON (100km and above)!! are they crazy!?

mun; sufi; daus; me; nassa; amad

UiTM route is really good for training as it has really challenging hills, and if we train regularly at this area, there will be no problems to conquer the hills at Bukit Tunku area later.. haha!

New Balance 15km will be on 17th May. I still have 6 weeks to training. hmm, 15km..... lets put some target here. I want to finish 15km in 1hour 25mins!!
how am i going to achieve that? =long run training + speed training + drills = SUCCESS!!

back on this sunday training, our first lap run was a group run and we ran first lap for 32 minutes. the second lap as we run at our own pace, i did it 25mins 36sec.. maybe i didnt run in the weekdays, so that is a good reason why i'm so exhausted in 2nd lap, while i was running the hills up, i'm breathing so hard, my legs stride smaller and also i am slower! damn... i need consistency in my running now. however, as now i involve in kayak training, i need to divide my time perfectly to train my legs and also my upper body. WOW loves sport!! hahaha

leading in 2nd lap (for a while..hahaha)

bro daus has improve a lot compare to last week, his pace is better than me now! salute you bro!! ~see my face? hahaha, so tired to follow his pace :p

sufinah, another good runner... she has improve so much compare to last year when we were still new in this club. as we run 10km, she overtakes me few times... huhu... 

amad, a great make over runner! from non-runner to a mid distance runner, that's awesome... stop his bad habits of smoking to a healthy lifestyle... timing? yup, he is improving well....

must do a cooling down before we get back.. IMPORTANT!!

My next year target is to join the Temasya Olahraga Tahunan UiTM... i need to improve myself a lot to be a competitive runner.. maybe i wont win, but i want to give some challenge to other runners!

-running never takes more than what it gives back-


Anonymous said...

I quote "-running never takes more than what it gives back-"
So sure...huh?

pJarT_FiZa said...
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pJarT_FiZa said...

hehe...xabes2 ckp nk join TOT kann...bole punye laa join..u must train harder n smart so that sufinah won't overtakes u again k??keep training...tmbah2 plak da masok kayak..running jgn lupe...

old_pirates said...

cayalah bro..!! keep on training... like ur stlye..hark2..