Sunday, September 28, 2008


Its been a long time I didn't play football and that day I play futsal with my classmates. Oh yah! It's kinda fascinating. Even though I'm not good in it, but I found out that this is a good game to play. If you play it seriously, it'll test your fitness and stamina as you will hardly find time to rest compared to football.. Hmm, looking forward to buy futsal shoes but I'm thinking about when will I be playing again after this sem as this is my final sem? Better buy new shoes to run! haha! Running is everything~

Futsal needs skills as it is played in a small court and you really need to be fast enough to be good. My friend (amir) is good. Maybe he should form a team and join any competition open everyone.

taking picture after the game..
*back: me, amir, bro, pok
  front: e-cah, ana, milin

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cycling all around~

somewhere in da campus

going down the hill

with my friend

runners club poster

As the day start to get busy, now I have the chance to write some story of my new wonderful experience. On 6th September ’08, my friend and I went all around the campus to paste the notice about our new club- “UiTM Runners Club”. About 100 sheets of notices we paste all around the campus starting from 10pm until 3.30am the next day. Now, at my final semester here, I just have the chance looking all faculty in the campus, haha! The night view of UiTM from certain faculty was really nice and it was such a waste that I didn’t bring my camera all along.

Cycling around UiTM which is hilly area really tested my foot strength. Who says cycling is easy? The gasping of air proved me that I’m out of stamina when cycle. However, the adrenaline starts to trigger as cycle down the hills. Even though it was just about 30-40km/h, the shaking of handle when we cross the caution line (yellow line) on the road that always be just before the bump make me a little bit unstable. The 30-40km/h sounds not fast at all, but when you are on the bicycle with the resistance of air, you think you are fast enough. Now I know why bicyclers wearing spec with them all along the race, without it, you will be like crying when you reach 30km/h as your tear starts to come out. Then, imagine the professional bikers that can reach up to 80km/h. How is that huh? Haha..

Looking forward to cycle around the campus again but then I’ll make sure that I bring my camera together with me. Until then, see ya!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The test begins....

Hi.. Now the fasting month have started and it's like a test to my determination of running. Wether I still continue my training or not. I believe I should do atleast light training just to ensure my fitness don't dissapear just like that after all what I'd done before. The plan is to go for jogging in the afternoon at 6.10pm to 6.40pm, just about 30minutes and probably it's just a light jogging. However, I still have to hit the hill as i know that I don't have enough power to run the hill and the 19th Oct competition in Kuala Lumpur is said to be hilly route. haha! What a good route...

Now, I must re-schedule my plan as I coming to the end of my semestre which is a lot of tests just around the corner. With the group project, I need a really good plan to make sure I'm on top of my own plan. All those schedule only works with discipline and determination.. So, I'm hoping I have all those.. :)