Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From Dis2009 until Aug2010...

wah.. it has been 8 months straight i didn't open and check my blog here. what?? my last story is on december and it was about malakoff run? wow! what happened to the 1st term of 2010? didn't I have any story to tell.. hehe
ok, basically I think I've been busy since early semester of jan-may 2010.. so, I have no time to write a blog anymore or maybe I don't have interest on writing my story at that time, well you know that people write when they feel like to. Lets try to recall back what happened in Jan until August.. The main things were I didn't join running frequently as before but I more into kayak & gym, and the biggest thing that I have joined in my entire life was SUKMA 2010 in June. Of course not running, but kayak.. On may, I got MASUM game (kayak).. Just 3 days after MASUM game, I went to the training camp of kayak for SUKMA, representing Selangor team.
Our team have only three weeks to train while I heard that some state training for three months. haha!

Lets talk about SUKMA first-

I join this team selection in January if I'm not mistaken, but at that moment I actually couldn't even paddle that K1 kayak.. :D
Even though I can't sit on that kayak for more than one minute, I will surely capsize. But the manager and coach take the name for the record, my friends and I. I quite remember that on the first day we met the manager and coach, we just finished our first 30km New Balance run 2010. haha! so tiring lah that day.. Then, after that day, we just train to balance the kayak and not capsize. I only can balance it around end of February but still can't do the sprint, if I try to sprint, definitely I will capsize. then around march, there was another selection, to focus on 12 people. I am selected due to the good progression I made. Even though at this selection, my paddling still not smooth and i can't even give my 100% but I still selected to join the team. Lucky me.. :)
After a lot of training that was so tiring, I can do the sprint. yes!! that's maybe around May.. haha.. I still not confident when there is wave from other boat coming, but now I think I can handle that.

Joining the training camp was something so valuable to me. I never ever think that one day I will represent any state for sport. haha.. so unexpected.
But training camp for state must be so different with the 1 week training camp for the University. 100% different! My body never get hectic like that before. my back body hurts. but then I cant deny that my fitness a lot better.

the first afternoon that we arrived training camp.. happy paddling at this time :)

The training consist of running and kayak.. no more gym since we are so late to do the training camp. runing around 3.5km morning & afternoon = 9km everyday. first session is around 8am, after light breakfast (2 half boiled eggs + hot milo) then after the running, sometimes i eat a piece of bread then go for kayaking :).. from 8.45am until 11.30am and sometimes 12pm.. then 1.30pm will eat our lunch prepared by our manager. at 3.30pm we have to run another 3.5km no matter how hot is the weather at that time. That's why my skin so dark and "berbelang-belang".. haha around 4pm we must kayak until 6.30pm then we clean up kayak and take shower and solat asar..huhu.. so tiring but it was fun when there were group of people training together. I missed that. Now in UiTM, to see more than 4 people train together is hard enough. oh my~
The training looks simple but it was tougher than what is stated on the paper. haha! The training were like 1000m x 10sets or 500m 20sets, pyramid type training, endurance training (20km steady paddling). but the most tiring and killing training for me was = 1000m x 4set + 500m x 8 sets + 200m x 10 sets.. huh! this training is so damn tiring and normally at this session I didn't seems so talkative.. haha
Then there was one day that we did endurance training, haha so endurance.. We kayak for 60km. 30km then break and had lunch then another 30km going back home. oh my.. the next say, no training, everyone seems so lembik already.. haha.. But I guess it was even better we used kayak K, what happen to us if we used kayak TK? hahaha.. can't imagine..

here are some pictures of the 60km day-

yes, we arrived home at night.. people said that when in the night the fish normally at the surface area, & the funny thing was two fishes enter my kayak & muiz while going back home. haha so lucky we didn't capsize because of that fish jump onto my peha.. terkejut!! :P
So to make the story short, we went to Malacca for the game and trained there (test lane) for two days. My game was the first game, I was in the heat A and the first day. My family came to see me kayak. thanks to them, came along from KL to Malacca just to see me kayak.
My game started in the morning, I finished 5th this time, so I have to go to semi final. The heat already tough, I cant even imagine to be in top 2 (to go to the final straight without semi) because there were Johor, Terengganu, Wilayah Persekutuan, and Perak in my heat and it seems like final already! huhu.. But then the coach didn't satisfied with my performance, he said that performance is not actually YOU! errr... I don't know.. He said that I actually did better in training session, maybe I got too nervous because that is the opening game.
In semi, I did a lot better, to catch up with wilayah persekutuan and leave perak not more than 2seconds. I got 2nd place in semi to qualify me to the final. The coach seems satisfied and manager was so happy when I go to the pontoon.
In final, I couldn't say that I'm so sad with the result of getting 6th place because I really did give all my strength to it. I don't understand how they could be that good to leave me behind around 30seconds. Oh my goodness.. I push myself to catch up, as i can see that in 1st 100m, I am with them, but since after 200m, Terengganu, Sarawak, and Johor start to pull off. I try to catch up, when I increased my stroke rate, I just can maintain with the gap, not even make it closer, than starting from 500m I really lost them, the 1st 3 were far from me.. I just try my best to chase Wilayah persekutuan, to be 5th place. But it didn't happen, I still got 6th place. I'm a little bit dissapointed, but I did my best! I know what is my level.. :)

here are some of the pictures for my SUKMA 2010;

cantik x kayak2 selangor ni disusun? haha