Sunday, August 31, 2008

UiTM Megathon

Yesterday (30th August 2008), there was UiTM Megathon 5.5KM for men open. I joint the race even though I'm not in a very good condition, my leg is hurt but "impossible is nothing" huh! haha.. Some of my friends also joint it under our academic club - Persatuan Teknologi Makanan (PERTEMA).
The distance is short but the route really test my strength and stamina. The route is hilly. When I run the hill, I know that I need more extra training but not a normal training instead hilly route. I got 21st place in Men Open but it's not important, the most important is my own time. As I finished the race in 25mins, I believe that I've improve my running. I run 5km for 25 minutes before in the flat route and yesterday was a hilly route. That's why I think I've improve myself a bit.. But still need a lot of training.
Ok, so, training training training.......

By the way, good job to all my friends - Eddiey, Viva Mariz, Aisyah, Syatilah, Adilah, Eta, & Jie....
All of them had given their best! Congrats to Viva that got 19th place in women open..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the result!~

It has been a long time I didn’t update my blog as I busy with class. So, yesterday (Sunday – 10th August 2008) was the day that I’ve been waiting for – THE 10KM RUN. The very last week of training I've lost my spirit and discipline, I skipped few training that I’ve planned before. On Friday I just went for 4km jogging and on Saturday I did play squash. This is just to let my body be prepared and not get shocked by running the 10km. But I never run more than 7.2km before this, and this was the longest I ever did as I hurt my ankle that time.

This was the first time I ever join the 10km race. The race started at 7 in the morning. I was very determine to be in the qualifying time (below 50mins). The first 2km was very powerful km, as I run quite fast (but don’t imagine I’m doing sprint as I didn’t do it). I very enjoy the moment I overtaking people infront of me one-by-one. At km 3 to 5 I start running slower but at steady pace and yet still overtaking some people and this is the benefits from the training before this. Then, I arrived at first drink station (yeah! free 100plus), I grabbed one cup of 100plus and a sponge to refresh yourself. Haha, suddenly I feel like a serious runner, I sweat myself hard on this day and with the continuous running – I really never ever done this before. I did stop twice to take a deep breath, I think better to stop for a while rather than I had the side stitch. Then, the real test start at about 7th km, this time I really feel like vomiting. But I don’t want to stop anymore as I saw my watch it was already ~44mins. Later, one more feeling comes to me, it was “REGRET”. At this moment I feel really regret joint this race as at about 9km, I almost passed the qualifying time, it was about 48mins. I walked for about 1 minute. Later, I think that I just want to make my debut record and for sure I want it the best time I can made. So, I trying hard for the last 500metres and sprint for the last 50metres (hopefully in another race I can sprint for last 1km, haha).

I thought I will not get the certificate anymore as I passed the qualifying time, but I consider myself very lucky as I even got the medal and the participation certificate. The moment I hold the finisher medal, the vomiting feeling, regret, and tiredness all changed into – SATISFACTION!! Now, I have a piece of paper that I paste in my locker, wrote – I FINISHED SHAH ALAM’S 10KM IN 54MINS…

My next target is 19th October 2008, Mizuno 10km Run at Padang Merbuk, Kuala Lumpur. The qualifying time is 1hour 20mins for man and 1hour 40mins for woman. This time, I really want my friend to join together. The race is about two months, still have time to practice for better time. Besides, they provide more medals – 500 medals compare to Adidas Shah Alam King of The Road only 300 medals. So, this is my next short term goal – Mizuno 10km Run.

ahmad and I in the morning

dataran shah alam

the running vest

my first personal record.
10km in 54mins.

the medal_1

the medal_2

the reward for myself for dinner that day :)