Saturday, December 26, 2009

Malakoff 12km Run 2009

hohoho... the malakoff run was in 20dec but only now on 26th dec i'm about to write the story of it. this 12km run was different cuz i'm running with light injury on my left leg, i dont really know why. this time about 15 URC members joined the race, it was better if compared to the last year malakoff, only 5 URC members joined.
i arrived bukit kiara at 6.30am, then met the members that joined to give them the running vest and bib number. get ready, putting on the timing chip, wear the running vest, rub some counterpain on my left leg and warming up..
then be at the starting point. started with hariz, ben & fifi.. didnt see fizi, nasa, alwi, & others. i saw daus brother before start but i didnt see daus himself.
i just run this race with what i'm able to, dont intend to push myself to the limit cuz it only make it worst - hurting my left leg.
after all, running this route in bukit kiara was really tough, the hills so steep and 12km runners must do 2laps of it. adoiii...

finished the race in 1hour 02mins. nevermind, last year i did 1hour 05mins.. haha..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

10km run... choo choo...

so, as i posted a post of eating nasi kandar a day before 10km, today is the day! 10km in Sg.Besi. the run started at SJK(C) Kwong Hon then we run into the Army Camp there. uh! the 10km seems so far for me.. i dont know why, maybe it's because i ran 10km on friday then again 10km on sunday (maybe tired).
started at 7am, not many URC runners joined this event. just fifi, ben, & me- again, dont know why!
we entered the 10km. meanwhile, my sisters joined the 3km (a good start for them) as next week they will join the 6km malakoff fun run.

basically, i'm in better form as compared to friday's run. my legs a little bit painful but still can withstand it. eventually, the result quite surprise me. i'm able to improve quite much. haha~

distance: 10km
date: 13dec2009
flag off: 7.00am
venue: SJK(C) Kwong Hon, Sg.Besi
timing: 49mins 36sec

with my siblings

4th placed, fifi..

with ben syahir. i got 8th and he got 15th

yeah, makan kueh teow sup selepas lari.. layaaannn~

Saturday, December 12, 2009

a day before 10km!

haha, a "nice" thing that i did before 10km - eat Nasi Kandar!!! hahaha....

date: 13 december 2009
time: 7.00 am
venue: SJK(C) Kwong Hon, Sg.Besi
distance: 10km

Friday, December 11, 2009

Larian Rakyat Selangor

yeah!! 10km.. (after a while i didnt run 10km, so, this is my first 10km in december & november). So, the race start at i-City.. 7.30am the release of 10km for category A & B (not A&W, haha!). i already plan to run relax and happily.. haha so much laughter with my friend, Nazrul.. as this is my very first time to run along with the camera.. we snap pictures from the starting line.. then just few seconds hear daus said "lari nak ambik2 gambar bagi no bib kat org lain lah" haha.... enjoying the 10km bro :) cuz medal too few, just for top20, adoi..

then nazrul & I met awin, yah, time for pictures snapping... smile~

after that we increase the pace (to find other runners).. there, will found fifi. snapping again.. from here (at 3rd km) we just run with fifi.. pushing her to get Top20.

berlakon jer nih.. mcm penat..
hah! posing habis...
run and run, after the turn around we first met hariz & haziq. *snap*.... i think they were the 1st two in our group.. good job!

not long after that met ben (not Ben 10) and luckily he called me, if not, i would missed it. but sorry bro, your picture not really clear.. *snap*

i guess soon after ben, it was jerry.. aih, i think he's losing his fitness a little. if not, he'll be with hariz or maybe faster. *snap*

daus brother just behind.. *snap one*

pahmi and his friend was next one. haha now i really alert for those at the other side of road. *snap*

yeah, then we continue climbing up the slope, pushing fifi.. tiinn tooonn... nazrul also losing his fitness.. adei! last time it was hard for me to catch up with him..

rasanya orang lain mesti xfaham ape lah nak jadi ngan mereka ni.. haha..

then many other runners that i recognize but sorry guys, i dont know your name.. oppss..

then, running along downhill, daus overtook us, tin tin... bagi signal x bro? haha.. wah, wear the terry fox t-shirt? bila eh event tu?

we just continue running and me chit chatting with nazrul.. wakaka..

"adik nak pergi mana?"
"adik nak pergi i-City ni pakcik. jauh lagi ke?"
"ye, jauh lagi... xpe2, lari pelan2.."

at around 7.5km, adoi... fifi out of breath.. she likes cant go anymore.. and nazrul?? finding tempat teduh, panas sikit jer trus lari.. hahahah! soory bro, break ur secret :p
haha, at this moment, fifi just want her "tang".. know who? :p
tp oklah, fifi could finish no.11.. nice one! she earned the medal and a beg.. :) awin also got top 20.. i guess she was no 14.. nice one..

URC President and Vice-president
URC members that joined the race! URC Rocks!! nice~

the best thing was this is my first event that my family also joined. they joined the 3km family run and finished 9th out of 40.. good job!

Distance: 10km
Time: 71mins 13sec

Thursday, December 10, 2009

result oh result~

i've been trying for about 1 and half hour to check my exam result in student portal.. but still cant..

by the way, esok ada larian 10km at shah alam.. haha

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rowing + swimming~

ouhh... tired~

yes, that is the feel when i arrived to my home at 9.45 pm..
went to uitm to row for 6km:
5km non-stop, rest for 30sec then another 1km. my target for the 1km is below 3min 50sec (as my last record of 1km indoor rowing competition was 3min 55sec). but, target not achieved.. haha

5km : 21min 40sec
rest 30-40sec, continue-
1km : 4min 10sec (15sec more as compare to my personal record)

ergometer (but not in UiTM)

then after finished rowing at 5.15pm, i went to seksyen 2 waiting for someone to go to Pusat Akuatik nearby Tesco Shah Alam for swimming. well, my swimming still sucks! haha
but thank God, atleast can swim. so, my friend daus look for my stroke. n he said that i have to go for intense training if wanna join the triathlon in July. ok, but yesterday 300m swimming makes me out of breath already. huhu...

well, that is what training are for..

so, end up yesterday (8th dec 09) story. so, today i woke up for subuh prayer and planned to go for a run in the morning as to prepare for the friday run (10km in shah alam). but somehow, i'm too tired or maybe too lazy! haha.. then slept again after prayer and just woke up at 9am. have a piece of bread n nescafe then run at 9.40am, oh my God, it's hot.. hahaha! yeah, it's different if you run in the good weather (early morning) or hot weather. but i wonder how do people run when they join the triathlon or powerman? normally it's about 11am they have to run.. uh! salute~
so, i didnt improve my running so much. just cut of 1mins. adoiii!

distance: 5km
time: 24min 14sec
ave HR: 167
max HR: 190

planned to do 6km or maybe 7km, but when reach home ( 1 lap) so lazy to continue, especially when you running alone.. haha
keep on training, never give up!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday - a better day

today was a better day that i have fulfill it with activities - GYM! haha...
went to UiTM Shah Alam, did 15mins cycling and then teach fifi the workout, all the machine workout first no free-weight. then naz n i did free-weight workout.
-Bench press
-Dead lift
-Chin up
i have added few machine workout though like rowing and leg squat. but all the weight is not too heavy as i'm afraid i can injured myself especially this friday i'll go for 10km run in shah alam and on sunday another 10km in sg.besi then the next week another 12km run.. hahaha! Lets Run~~

maybe tomorrow will go to UiTM again, do some indoor rowing workout, maybe 6-8km.. then 6pm my friend will teach me to swim better. oh yeah! lets go for TRIATHLON... :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friday test run...

4th December 2009 (Friday), the feeling to go for a run comeback even though my body still hurts a little due to the workout at the gym on tuesday. didnt plan to run long miles. just a short one but maintain the pace i set 5min/km..

uhh! 5mins?? TOO SLOW

but what can do,since my last jog was on sunday for 4.4km ( a slow and steady jog). oh, 25mins run for 5km cause me a bit of leg problems after that day. erm, i thought it wont be a problem for that distance.. well, hopefully this coming sunday (13dec2009) will goes well.. since that one is 10km.

distance: 5km
time: 25mins 13sec
max HR: 197
ave HR: 167

but instead of planning to do 10km sub 50mins, i just hope that i can do sub 55mins. cant hope more than we actually can..

therefor, i really need a consistent training for the 30km on 17th January 2010 (going to be my first event of the year!!)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kayak lagi...

Hai.. sekarang nih dah dalam cuti semester, tapi lepas start je cuti hari tu dah ada Sesi Pemilihan MASUM 2010 utk UiTM. So, dah kena pergi UiTM untuk ni. Program ni bermula dari 18 nov sampai 21 nov 2009. On the 1st day, dah ada bleep test. Just imagine, 5 minggu dah stop running, mcm mana nak ada fitness untuk bleep test nih. Haha! Mmg kantoi ar camni. Daripada 21 level, aku just dapat buat sampai level 9 jer, but dah dekat nak masuk level 10. Whoa! Pancit worr.. then the next day baru lah bermula kayak. Our coach dari sabah turun, En. Fauzi. Tapi, ape kan daya, player dari Sabah dan Sarawak x dapat dating, jadi ann dan jennissa xdapat join kami dalam program nih. Sebabkan dah lama x running nih, stamina pun out, masa ni nak sprint kayak pun out of breath. Tenaga pun x sehebat dulu. Yelah, dah tinggalkan running. Then hari kedua ada lah rasa sakit-sakit badan. Hehe.. normal.. lepas je training stroke and stamina untuk kayak, our coach suruh aku belajar balance kayak K. kayak standard olimpik. Huhu mmg susah gler. But slowly aku dapat ler nak balance. Thanks to coach cuz ajar sculling and tapping bler nak terjatuh dari kayak K ni. So, dah boleh lah kurangkan jatuh. Lagi satu benda penting yang mempengaruh aku dpt balance kayak ni sebab aku pergi join belajar kayak polo ngan star polo. Time belajar kayak polo ni lah belajar tap untuk defensive, belajar scul, belajar rolling.. hehe mmg best. Tapi untuk main game polo nih sendiri aku xde confident lagi. Insyallah game kenu kebangsaan nnt kami akan buat dragon boat team. Yep, perahu naga! Sbb, aku xyakin untuk bg performance yang baik dlm game polo. So, ada member hari tu cakap pasal nak join dragon boat uitm, ape lagi, jom ar buat pasukan dragon boat UiTM. Hm, training utk dragon boat nih maybe minggu kedua December ni. Kejap je lagi. Haha xde cuti..

Lepas habis program kayak ni (21nov2009), keesokannya, pergi Johor pulak, ada explore race yang dianjurkan oleh UTHM. Malaysian University Explore Race. Dari 23nov – 25nov. ceritanya akan diceritakan kemudian.

Sayang betul lah rasanya, program sesi pemilihan MASUM 2010 nih xde banyak gambar. Rugi..rugi..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm Back!!

haha.. it's about 5 weeks I didn't update my blog. wah, sudah bersawang & berhabuk....
well, honest speaking dah 4 minggu tak running, skadar jogging 3mins jer utk warming up klu g gym.. :p
mmg betul, once if you stop running, it's hard to start it back.. well, i will come back. semalam (jumaat) berjaya gak jogging short distance (2.5km). saja xnak lari jauh2 utk mula semula. xnak ada any injuries.. biar naik gradually (hehe dah pandai dah, dulu balun jer jarak).. hmm.. byk benda nak citer, xtau mana nak mula by the way.. nantikan cerita aku yg lain ok.. :) antaranya;

1. summary of my 1st sem in degree lifestyle.
2. i'm a kayaker - is it good or bad for my time?
3. stop running, but coming back with even bigger target.
4. what is my target for my next semester.

hurm, itulah antara citer yg nak dikongsi bersama.. well, esok akan di publish satu dulu kot.. the No.1 tu dulu.. so, see yah.. :)

ni aktif balik dgn blog sbb dah cuti sem.. boleh access internet ngan mudah n xbyk kerje or xperlu study bagai nak rak utk tests yg byk.. n lagi satu, jeles gler tgk blog org2 lain yg slalu update. nice work..

Monday, August 31, 2009

wah it's been a month!

salam to all reader..
wah, it's been a month i didn't write anything to my blog. am i busy or i just lazy? haha!
well, since i've been in a new semester, doing my degree, it's a little bit harder to update my story in my blog. never mind, the most important thing is for me to keep on training.
my last update was in 28th july 2009. i joined the Adidas king of the road and i'm not satisfied with it even a little!! i joined the 22km, and i arrived late, i started my race from behind, and the worst thing i didnt received finisher medal!! damn frustrated.. cant believe i ran for 22km without a finisher medal (really hate to talk about this event!!!).

my last running event after duathlon was "Larian Sukan Antara Fakulti" in UiTM shah alam. i got 10th position in that event. i was shocked due to so many participants participated in that race, about 600 joined that race (only for UiTM students). good one!
well, what am i proud of is from no.1 to no.15 were UiTM Runners' Club members except no.7 and 8 i think. the distance? oh, it was about 6km. i'm not so sure. but i'm sure that i push myself hard enough to maintain that 10th position. oh my God, i do really need more training to be faster. hehe..

before the race started

to the finish line.. so close with the runner behind me...

yah picture after running....

that was my last running event, now, i just keep on training with Nasrul and Fizi (but he's in recovery). few months ago, when i have nothing to do in the afternoon, i was relaxing myself in the room or look for the unfinished works or playing computer games but now is totally different! when there is nothing to do, i feel so unsatisfied. i need some physical activity! huhu.. as now in ramadhan month, i just have light jog from 6.10pm to 6.40pm or maybe do a speed training. but somehow it will change soon..... as i received a call from en.hafiz (our kayak team manager) telling me that we have a game in Oct 2009! ASEAN VARSITY BOAT RACE. sounds big isnt it? hehe.. so, my running will be cut off a little and put some kayak training in the afternoon. ;)
well, lets hope what i do is good enough for my kayak performance, running performance, and of course my STUDY! hehe..

with yazid in the first day of degree register i guess...

well, all the best aizuddin! big effort big achievement! insyallah...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

err.. long time not blogging :(

err.. too busy with degree lifestyle.. no time to sit in-front of computer to update my blog nor the internet connection is not hard to reach. the first week of campus life was busy with the subject registration, credit assumption, PTPTN, and also hay-wire timetable.. 

on 19th July i joined McDonald Olympic Day Run 2009 at Dataran Merdeka (again!!!). this event was 7.5km run. went to dataran merdeka with UiTM Runners' Club, the club that really likes to run.. haha!
went together by bus (about 20 runners..) and we arrived early, that was so nice to be there early and not rushing to get prepared. the medal for this event just for top100. adoii i knew this is hard for me. but i just try my best!
fortunately, i got the 100th medal. i overtook about 5runners for the last 300m and i'm so lucky to do so. haha! the runner behind me look so frustrated as he did not get the medal because i really overtook him at last 100m. so pity for him, but he didn't speed up for it though.. 

line up for the medal; the 100th...

with top runners, alwi & syah

wiv my bestfriend

UiTM Malaysia Runners' Club......

then on 19th july 2009 i joined the MALAKOFF UNIVERSITY DUATHLON 2009 in UPM.. it is a series race. have three events, 1st in UPM, then Uniten, lastly UM.. but UiTM only sent for a race. nevermind, this is for the exposure to the duathlon race..

run 3km - cycle 13km - run 3km

UiTM didnt sent individual participant, all of us entered the team category. consist of three people. runner A, cyclist, & runner B.
for this event, i didnt run, but i cycle... for 13km. my 1st cycling event..
after this race, i really want the road bike! so that i can joined the individual race next year. haha! the road racing bike cost about rm3000.. adui mana mau cari duit??? :(
but honestly, my knowledge about this road bike is so poor, hehe.. maybe after i joined UiTM Cycling Club i can gain some knowledge from few cyclist there.. they are good about road bike or mountain bike. 
and for this event, it was the 1st collaboration between UiTM Malaysia Runners' Club with UiTM Cycling Club.. hopefully, one day, we can make collaboration with swimming club too. so that, we can join triathlon. nice....;)

my team.. sufi; me; fizi

the UiTM runners & cyclists..