Monday, June 29, 2009

Standard Chartered International Marathon

Standard chartered international marathon just past yesterday with about 12,500 runners participated ;)..
as for me, i had registered half-marathon last two months and thinking of can have enough training for two months, but somehow in april and may i was busy with my kayak training. due to this, i left my running training behind, i didnt run more than 7km as a training anymore, i just run 15km (for NB Pacesetters) and 11km (for NB Setia Alam) race. and setia alam race was my last 11km run, after that i just run at 3-4km haha! and with that mileage, i wish to make a new personal record of 1hr45mins for half marathon, i'm definitely crazy!!

as usual, i went to the race with UiTM Runners' Club (URC), we have more than 20 runners this time. mostly joined the half marathon and 4runners joined 10km race. we left uitm at 4.50am and arrive at dataran merdeka at about 5.35am. i took ablution at masjid negara and did my subuh prayer at dataran merdeka as they had prepared one small area for muslims to pray. as soon i finish my subuh prayer i called my mom because today (28th June) was her birthday, Happy Birthday Mom.. then, i called my lecturer, this is her first race event (if i'm right), her first 10km race. good job for her as she willing to wake up early and just to join this run. not so many people dare to take the challenge. you should proud of yourself miss as you had did something good. 

the time is 6:10am, 5minutes to start......
at this time, i didnt see any women (URC members) that join half marathon. huh! they went to the starting position earlier.... so, alwi, nasa, fallah, hariz, nas went to the starting position together, we didnt see asif too. we planned to start at the back, but then syah is coming and going  to the front, we just follow him. some of us manage to go infront a bit, and some went more further. the the race begun... 

i ran together with fallah as some URC runners run faster. i told fallah it's better to be slow now cuz it's far more.. this is not 10km like we always did, this is 21km! so, at about 5min, we just ran behind people, we overtook when there was bigger space for us to overtook. but after 8min, i told fallah we must pace up to finish at about 2hr. if at this speed, we r going to finish at about 2hr40min.. so, fallah and me start to overtook people and we met munirah, she's doing good at this time, she had improve a lot. good job. then, we met puteri, and pjart, and i asked her to join me and fallah but she couldn't hear as she was listening to her mp3. later, we met nasrul, we ask him to run together, we maintain the speed. then we met another URC member, ruby.... at this time kami sungguh kecoh! haha. we were talking so loud and laugh together and i still remember there was one guy look at us and smile. hihi.. we ran together - me, fallah, nasrul, and ruby. later, ruby can't follow (she is injured). then i met my neighbour, uncle chris. he was the one that first introduced me to this kind of open race. Thank You to him. i greeted him and he was happy to see me and said "hey din, i met your people justnow".. and i am wondering who did he met? wow, he knows our runners club member? hehe.. URC getting popular now. weeee :)

ok, as we go on, i can see nasrul pull over, he couldnt maintain the same pace and it's ok, take it easy. however, bad things starting to happen to me at 7km, above my ankle starts to hurt, not so much hurt but it affect me a bit and i dont know why, my left knee feel uncomfortable - it hurts a bit everytime i land my feet. this time, i recall, oh yes, i never run more than 5km for my training! padan muka!
i still follow fallah, i just loose him at the second drink station, he didnt stop but i did, i need 100plus, cant deny that my body needs water. then, as i continue my run alone without URC member, i try to maintain the same speed as i ran with fallah, but i think it didnt turn out well. i'm getting slow. i just keep on running, i keep in my mind that i wont stop run and walk, NEVER!! eventhough i just slow jog, I WONT STOP! that's wat i keep telling myself. then at about 10km, i take my POWER GEL (Tangerine flavour), i'm getting better at it. Previously, i stop at water station and ate that first, but this time, i eat it while i was running. hehe!
i keep on running and at about 14-15km i met asif, i'm seriously couldnt believe that he was there infront of me! i talked to "him what happen? r u ok?" and he just ask me to go first. i know he isnt ok at all.. as i keep on running i met sufinah, whoa i cant believe that she was actually infront of me from the beginning. huhu, you are a good runner. i talked to her lets run together as i can see her tired and maybe her leg cramp, but i'm tired too, my pace drop down. i'm seriously slow. after 5mins, i run alone again, sufi cant keep up as i running a little bit faster. i just keep on running and i pray that i wont cramp in the middle of the race. after 10min, i can feel that my peha mau kejang... oh my God, i quickly slow down, but still jogging. at about 2.5km to da finish line,i met my lecturer, just say hi to her and let her run her race. :)
2km to go, i asked for the counterpain and rub it from knee to ankle (avoid my bestis to get cramp cuz it feels different).. the mistake here was i didnt rub it on my peha! adoi... forgot! but then my running went smoothly. then YESSSS i finish my run at 2hr11min.. 

i went to the half marathon booth to collect the medal and met alwi, hariz, and fallah.. they did greatly in this race, all three of us below 2hours. as i have collected my medal, i took banana and drink a lot of 100plus. then i went to URC area and rub menza ice on my betis and peha.. but, unfortunately, after 10mins, my leg cramp! real bad! my peha was so painful and seriously i never feel this pain before! i rub with menza ice and aishah help me to relax the muscle, then syah came to me and gave me O.R.S to drink up, TQ2. it took about 15-20mins for me to feel better again. i almost let my tears drop down my face. adeh!
at this time, i promise to myself never run half marathon without enough preparation! NEVER!
this race was a good experience for all URC members, almost all cramp!

race summary-

date: 28th June 2009
time: 6:15 am
distance: 21.097km

timing: 2hour 11mins
max HR: 192bpm
ave HR: 167bpm
kcal burnt: 2385kcal
my legs cramp badly!!

official from kl-marathon:
Net Start:06:14:26Category:Half Marathon 21km
Net Time:02:10:41Position:446
Finish Timing:02:12:06.88


-the end-

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Power of Father's Love...

salam to all reader..

today i want to share something that is so touching.. it also shows with determination, you can do anything you dream for.. and i just know about this from another blogger - Mr.Penonton ( thank you for such a wonderful link.

copy from MR.PENONTON:


This is the 
True Story

A son says to his father: 'Dad, would you be willingly to run amarathon with me?'
The father, despite his age and a heart disease, says 'YES'.
And they run that marathon, together.

The son asks: 'Dad, can you run another marathon with me?' Again father says 'YES'.
They run another marathon, together.

One day the son asks his father: ?Dad would please do the Iron Man with me?'
Now just in case you wouldn't know, 'The Iron Man' is the toughest triathlon in existence;
4km swimming, then 180 km by bike, and finally another 42 km running,in one stroke.

Again father says 'YES'

Maybe this doesn't 'touch' you yet by heart ... until you see this movie
(put on sound!):

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kayak - Kementerian Belia & Sukan


Last weekend i had joined the kayak competition in Putrajaya. This game was different, this is not meant only for IPTA students anymore, this is open competition, from state player, club, or individual.. but mostly come under club and state.. My coach encourage me to join this event as he wants me to gain experience by compete with other people and not just public university students (MASUM games).. Most kayakers came with club or Jabatan Belia & Sukan for each state, but my group just came with UiTM team!... We have 5 kayakers, 2 women and 3 men. unfortunately we have some problems with the registration of one of our kayaker, man. As his name did not registered for the 500m men single. So that means our team is only 4 kayakers. 
Each people can only join 2 category in this event. As for me and kamal, we joined TK1 1000m and TK1 500m.. I got 1st place in MASUM last time for the 1000m event, and this time I want to try the 500m race too.. Another 2 women kayakers join TK2 1000m (TK2 for double category) and both TK1 500m... 

So, as my game (1000m) held on friday after friday prayer (3.30pm) we had our lunch at 12.30pm.. and as soon as we reached putrajaya after prayer, we warming up, strecthing, and did some land paddling.. a little bit nervous. I was in the heat 1 and kamal in heat 2, just different 15minutes. 
I went to the starting place early as i want to avoid myself from tired. then the race begins!!!
I was in lane 4, and my left side was PDRM and my right side was from Sarawak, no kidding they are fast.. I was no.4 at this time. For the heat, each top 3 will go to the final and as we only have 2 heat, that means 6 kayakers will be in the final.. Attention TOOOT, the race begins... I paddle as fast as i can and i was at 4th position this time and as at 500m I still unable to chase the no.3 (I forgot where was he from).. I did my very best just to get 3rd position because I really want to go to the final, and at only 300m to the finish line, I start to get closer to him and overtook him, and I just able to left him 3seconds away and the no.2 kayaker was 4seconds infront of me but the no.1 for this heat was about 8 seconds away.. huhu PDRM was so fast!
Kamal also got into final, he got 1st place for heat2..

Our final 1000m was friday afternoon too, 40minutes after our heat!! so tired laaaaaa.....
I was in lane 6 and kamal was in lane 1.. This time I just pray that i can get 3rd place atleast... cuz i know i cant beat the 1st place in my heat (from PDRM), he was too fast.. i hope heat 2 people is not that fast so that i can still gain 3rd place. haha! 
10 seconds to go, TOOOTTT... the race begins, and i started smoothly.. after i did my speed stroke, i check what position am i, and i can see that heat 1 contestant making gap with heat 2 contestant.. lane 4, 5 , and 6 were about 5 seconds infront of lane 1,2, and 3 (all from heat 2).. I feel a little safe at this time, but this is 1000m race, anything could happen at last 200m.. at this moment, no.2 was kayaker from Sarawak and he was about 4 seconds infront of me.. I try my best to stop him making gap between him and me, so i started to speed up my long pull (just speed up a bit) and push my kayak with my feet, and maintain my body position.. as at 500m, I can see he was looking at me with his "all-out-face", he looks so like pushing himself to stay infront of me as so i am to chase him.. haha! this race is like fighting for the 2nd place because the 1st place was really meant for PDRM as he was infront of us about 8-10seconds..
As I at 300m to the finish line I can see aishah was shouting at me to paddle faster cuz i just side-by-side with him (kayaker from sarawak).. so, i power up my paddling, i just keep my focus, using my body to paddle, use my legs, maintain my body position, faster my breath and bla bla bla.. at 200m i successfully overtook him but at about 100m i really worry that i cant maintain my speed and he will overtake me back.. haha! really out of breath this time.. but alhamdulillah i still able to paddle and finish 2 seconds infront of him... :)
I was so happy and shouted out loud even though I'm not no.1 but to get 2nd place in open competition was something good for me.. or perhaps something very valuable for me..
Kamal got 5th place in this race, he was in lane no.1..

However, for the 500m race, which i was in lane 6, and kamal in lane 1 was not so good.. I have lost in this race, I got 6th place and kamal 5th place.. we were so far behind (both of us), we were about 4 seconds behind from no.4 but 11 seconds behind no.1 kayaker from Jabatan belia & sukan Perak (he played for UPSI in MASUM for this 500m event and also got GOLD)..
Nevermind, i think i'm not into this short distance.. hahah! 500m need power and stamina.. but power comes first. unlike 1000m, it requires stamina more than power.. 


MTK1 500m (kamal) - 5th place
MTK1 500m (zuddin) - 6th place
MTK1 1000m (zuddin) - SILVER
MTK1 1000m (kamal) - 5th place

WTK1 500m (ecah) - GOLD
WTK1 500m (fifi) - BRONZE
WTK2 1000m (ecah & fifi) - GOLD

UiTM gained 2 GOLD, 1 SILVER, 1 BRONZE...

shimi, me, kamal

my result..

adeh, keciknya aku nih.... ni nak besarkan badan nih.. haha

Saturday, June 6, 2009

MASUM - Kayak....


cerita pasal kayak, baru2 ni satu event MASUM (majlis sukan universiti malaysia) diadakan kat putrajaya. aku main kayak kategori "MTK1 1000m" (Men Touring Kayak 1000m). kalau nak di ikutkan, TK ni kirenye 2nd class ar, klu nak yang the best, kategori K1 (kayak). itu baru gempak, macam olimpik. tapi it's ok, aku baru belajar berkayak sebulan setangah yang lepas, so xpelah, slow2 panjat tangga.. 
latihan pusat kayak starts 11mei lepas n hari ni gak dua atlit kayak dari sarawak, sorg dari melaka, n sorg lagi dari johor dtg. yang sarawak pernah main untuk negeri sarawak for SUKMA, yang johor ni pernah main kayak kebangsaan, & yang melaka ni plak pernah main dlm MASUM thun lepas (2nd appearance die tahun ni). team kami ada 12 org, 4 doubles & 4 singles = 12 paddlers.. kami lah penyokong, kami lah cameraman/woman, kami lah yg membeli mknan (bersama coach), & kami lah yg mengankat barang2 yg byk.. huhuhu..
starts training kat putrajaya 20mei, walaupun test lane 25&26mei, saje coach bwk pergi awal utk biasakan dgn angin & air tasik yg berombak kat sana. well, masa pagi mmg tenang tp bler trun training petang, fuhh dah macam kat laut plak bler masa2 tertentu.. air sampai terpercik masuk dlm kokpit byk kali.

kami training pagi n petang, b4 that kne g jogging dulu, biasanya trun tasik kul 9.45am (ntah lah x igt sgt) then petang lebih kurang kul 2.30pm n 3pm masa hari jumaat. tats y mkn kne awal, bg hadam dulu makanan tuh.
kayakers dari UM mmg kental, lama gler training diorang, kami sempoi jer, trun satu jam je kot.. then naik. haha!
hari isnin bermula kul 2pm baru leh turun (lepas meeting bersama semua pengurus pasukan & coach). ada 6 lanes semuanya.
game start hari rabu, n hari rabu ni just women, lelaki hari khamis, xtau nape diorang asingkan. then hari jumaat & sabtu acara final masing2..
sape2 yang dpt no.1 dalam saringan pertama akan terus ke final & pada yg x menang diberi peluang kedua dalam saringan kedua dan hanya pemenang akan ke final.

me, iwan, kamal, nas
jom ke putrajaya.... yeeppeee
nak angkat kayak masuk dlm lori...
baru sampai putrajaya, tgh setting kayak

coach bersama isteri & anak tercinta..

so, game aku start hari kham pagi, 10min lepas tu game fizi n nasrul (MTK2 1000m), lepas 10min game shimi (MTK1 500m), lepas 5min game kamal n iwan (MTK2 500m)... berturut2 game kami, jadi kami xde supporter UiTM lelaki kat atas kecuali coach n manager... hanya 6 perempuan je bersorak (hmm... harap2 dgr) haha.. 

seriously aku sgt2 nervous time ni.. pagi tu aku masa on the way ke putrajaya dari uitm mmg aku xbcakap banyak, dalam kepala macam2 pk.. 1st time race nih, xde experience langsung.. yah, coach mmg ckp xde pressure utk race ni cuz ni my 1st race, n bru sebulan blaja kayak, n 2minggu latihan pusat.. so, mmg newbie lah nih.. huhu.. pagi tu trun coach follow skali ke tempat trun kayak (just like others). masa ni coach just igtkan pasal power stroke, starting, n finishing kne ada! ok, all set in my mind...... masa ke tempat permulaan pun coach suh cari rythm kayuhan, masa kat 500m to the starting line aku try pecut skit... tgk ok x ok.. yup, mmg xde masalah, cuz game aku pagi (10.20am)..
2minutes to start.... gler nervous.. ada org pegang kayak kat belakang, so pe yg kne buat time ni, luruskan kayak, doa, n tarik nafas.. 1minute to start.. pheww! aku tetiba rasa x sangka aku ada kat putrajaya n wakil UiTM dalam acara kayak 1000m. terpikir pasal training sebulan, n now here i am.. so buatlah habis2an... 
ATTENTION TOOOOT (bunyi siren).. damn!! aku terkejut & x 100% ready.. knapa lah diorang x ckap 10sec to start.. starting aku xcantik, aku terlambat.. for the 1st 100m aku skadar kejar dari no 3 ke no2.. sebelah kanan aku UTM depan dah (+- 5 saat depan) then sebelah kiri aku UMS (+- 3 saat depan).. aku cube kejar trus, takut nnt xsempat, so masa 500m, aku depan sikit dari UMS (+-2 saat) & UTM mcm dah start pancit... die kebelakang.. masa dah lepas 700m aku tgk UMS dah jauh kat blakang, UTM pun sama, so aku just buat long pull kayuhan aku tu. simpan sikit energy utk speed up masa nk habis. masa long pull ni kne recover breathing n energy coach ckp, standby utk speed up last 100m... masa dah 100m to the finish line aku dgr DJ hari tu sebut "lorong 4, UiTM" & "itu dia kayuhan bergaya dari UiTM".. lagi lah aku mempoyokan diri laju kan kayuhan.. wakakaka XD
then alhamdulillah aku dapat 1st utk saringan 1 ni & xperlu ke saringan 2, so aku trus ke final hari jumaat kul 3.30pm.. 
result: 5:14.23 & aku depan UMS 12 saat (tempat kedua).. 


game final pagi b4 solat jumaat ada dua - women double 1000m & woman single 500m..
yang double menang tempat kedua tp yg sinle tertewas terhadap pesaing2 yg hebat..

fifi & ecah - 1st runner-up..

kami mkn ramai2 kat foodcourt hari jumaat ni cuz bas uitm tggu utk bwk kami solat jumaat.. walaupun dah lama training kat putrajaya, tp ni 1st time makan rmi2 kat fudcourt.. game aku kul 3.30pm lepas solat jumaat..
2.40pm, perhh berangin kuat plak... air tasik mesti xtenang punyer... n time ni fam aku dtg bg support.. yuhuuu... so, aku warming up n buat stretching... rsau dlm hati time ni xde sape tau.. masa beli mknan smlm ngan coach, coach ada ckp aku ada potensi pingat, tp warna apa pingat tu yg xtau cuz contestant dr universiti lain tu hebat & ada kayakers lama.. die kate xde pressure langsung utk aku, yg penting buat ape yg dah belajar, starting, long pull, power stroke, n finishing kne ada!!! yup.. igt!
so, 3.10pm kne trun tasik dah utk ke tempat permulaan.. oh my God, air kat tempat mule ni gler2 bergelora, mmg kne betulkan kayak slalu.. ditambah lagi ada feri plak lalu, mmg ada bonus ombak plak! siot tul... 1minute to start, mmg aku berdoa & pk yg aku dah kat final n buat lah ape yg terdaya, ALL OUT MAN!!! aku kat lorong no.3 dari 6 lorong.. kiri aku UTHM (winner heat 3) & kanan aku UPSI (winner heat 2).. ambik kau, die bagi star race kat sebelah kau...
ATTENTION TOOOOOT..... skali lagi aku terlambat start.. masa ni mmg mata aku meliar ar tgk kiri & kanan, igtkan UTHM n UPSI jer depan, rupenye2 aku leh tgk ada 4 kayak kat dpn... so aku no.5 dari 6 peserta bertanding time ni.. aku try habis2an lajukan kayuhan (speed stroke) tp xdpt nak kejar or samakan kedudukan... redha jer time ni. dlm hati dah terpk dah gler gempak final ni... masa 500m, aku skali lagi check status aku (pndg kiri & kanan) nmpk UTHM n UPSI sblh aku tp xdpt potong lagi. aku nmpk UPSI dpn, UTHM no.2 n aku no.3... kayuh punye kayuh, masa 600m aku dah sama kan kedudukan (lebih kurang antara 3 universiti ni - UTHM lane 2, UiTM lane 3, & UPSI lane 4).. slowly UPSI mule tertinggal tapi x jauh.. so aku just nak kejar UTHM.. masa ni mmg dah xde tenaga dah... sbbkan 1000m ni jauh, aku smpt lagi pk balik masa aku ulang alik dari bangsar utk kayak ni, dtg pg balik malam, tertido dlm bas, jatuh kat tasik, perabis duit utk mkn, letih travel, duit tmbhan parents kasi utk training, 4org classmates yg dtg sokong, n nasihat coach.... time lagi 300m++ utk finish aku igt nak long pull slow skit utk dptkan balik nafas n energy utk speed up last nnt.. tp aku xjd buat, aku just follow speed UTHM masa ni sbb aku takut die makin jauh n buatkan aku malas nak kejar nnt.. elok jer lagi 200m nak hbs aku start overtake die skit2... huhu n xlupe apa yg coach pesan - finishing kne ada! so, ape lagi, aku speed up ar walau pun dah penat n rasa mcm xcukup nafas dah... aku just pk time ni klu aku nak pengsan or kejang ke ape, biar lepas race, biar aku lepas finish line tu.. POWER UP!!! yeah aku dpt potong die n lagi smgt bler aku leh nmpk pasukan UiTM tgh smgt bersorak kat tepi terlompat2... aku dpt potong gak UTHM ni, aku just dpn 1 saat dari die.. Ya Allah, mmg nasib menyebelahi aku... alhamdulillah...

mmg happy gler time ni, aku igt nak rest setgh minit jap kat garisan penamat tu tp xleh cuz aku tgk sume team uitm dah lari ke tempat turun kayak dgn bendera, coach pun ada skali... smpi2 je coach trus ckp "hebat lah kau, kau kalahkan player lama tu", "tu baru 2bulan training, belum setahun lagi".. ya Allah, mmg gembira, tgn pun x kejang mcm heat 1.. naik jer, fam aku ada kat depan, n classmate aku pun ada... :)

sesi ambil hadiah... :)

just after ambik trofi

1st- me (UiTM), 3rd- Hamid (UPSI), 2nd- Shukri (UTHM)

jennisa - winner (women single 500m)

Other pictures:

UiTM Water Chaser 2009 with the coach

UiTM Water Chaser 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Balance Pacesetter 15km

salam.. aduh, ikutkan cerita ni dah basi dah.. yelah mana taknya, larian ni 17 may 09 yg lepas, & aku baru nak update blog. sibuk sgt dgn training kayak b4 ni. xdapat nak online n duk depan laptop sambil menulis blog. so, skrg ni dah ada masa & mood nak menulis baik tulis skrg. 

larian NB pacesetters ni masa aku dlm latihan pusat kayak (wakil UiTM utk game MASUM). masa ni dah risau gler dah sbb rasanya xcukup training lari. yelah hari2 turun kayak n buat weight training sikit. tp alhamdulillah, sejak coach kayak dtg dr sabah, kami punye training more to fitness, xde weight training langsung. training kayak pagi n petang, n b4 trun kayak tu kami jogging lebih kurang 2.5km.. so, walaupun xdpt training lari dgn betul n cukup, tp sekurang2nya ada jugak persediaan dari segi fitness..
target aku utk larian ni 1jam20min, tp memandangkan aku xde training lebih 5km pun so aku rasa target tu benda yg x realistik. so, aku ubah kepada 1jam 30min. sbb aku xnak injured, larian ni ahad, isnin kan kne trun training kayak plak.
untuk larian ni, klu xsilap lebih kurang 9org jer members URC yang join, sbb ni masa cuti sem. tp yg mengikutnya ada 9 org gak.. ramai ar skit.. huhu..
so, sampai2 kami solat subuh dulu. n then baru g kat tapak start race. bergambar sikit2 then warming up, stretching, n ready to start..

so, aku pun berdoa lah supaya dapat habiskan larian ni dgn selamat tanpa injuries. start je larian ni aku xterburu2 nak laju sbb aku tau kemampuan aku x setanding masa larian amal seri sinar dulu. skarang ni mmg fitness cukup n better tp kaki plak x ready utk kne impact yg berterusan sejauh 15km. time starting aku lari dgn nas n fizi n farid. naz xtau mana... then berpisah, aku n nas lari fizi dah ke depan, farid ke belakang n nas plak mule membuka langkah. aku tertinggal n just maintain pace. tp lepas 20min aku jumpe nas, then fizi pun.. fizi ni injured, sbb tu die perlahan, klu x, hilang ntah kemana... 
masa dah 1jam, aku dah macam xlarat nak lari.. lagi2 jumpe itu berlambak punye bukit baek kat bukit tunku punye area. haram tul!! tp aku just xnak stop, sbb bler dah stop die akan lagi malas nak start balik, itu ape yg aku rasa lah.. tp setelah ku pendam je rasa nak berenti berlari tu jauh dlm hati, habis jugak bukit2 yg kurang sopan tu (menguji tahap pernafasan tatkala pelari2 keletihan macam nak mati) haha...

elok je smpi kat area nak masuk lake gardens tu aku tgk stopwatch, baru 1jam 16min.. perh!! time ni aku bersemangat gler2 nak hbskan below 1jam20min, aku increase speed sikit (tak byk mana pun). sbb sptutnya lagi 1 or 2min dah leh sampai.. tp, apekan daya, diorang ubah laluan, dari pintu dpn tu bukannye trus smpi tmpt finish, tp kne pusing ke tepi n then pusing satu tasik baru lah sampai... siot tullllll!!! aku dah pancit tahap ape dah time ni sbb dah start lari laju dari junction ke lake gardens. time ni, mmg slow umpama kura2 lumba dgn kuda ja aku rasa.. hahah! penat2 je potong org sebelum ni. tp kne potong balik.. :p
tp alhamdulillah, aku finished this race at 1hr 20mins ++secs.. walaupun target aku below 1hr20min, tp ni pun dah memadai... dgn xcukup training running nye lagi..

tp, hr isnin, kaki rasa sakit2 skit kat betis.. huhu.. but still, kne jogging gak b4 trun training kayak hari isnin ni.. lagi dahsyat bler hari selasa.. hahah! makin sakit.. masuk rabu dah mule hilang... gler tul.. pengalaman2...

1hr 20min....

cute medal... hahah

nas, farid, kamal, me, ecah...

some of the members..

with my bestfriend.. die x lari pun.. :p

under construction....

salam to all readers, it has been more than a month i didnt update my blog.. will update my blog soon about the NB pacesetter run and followed by kayak race..