Monday, June 29, 2009

Standard Chartered International Marathon

Standard chartered international marathon just past yesterday with about 12,500 runners participated ;)..
as for me, i had registered half-marathon last two months and thinking of can have enough training for two months, but somehow in april and may i was busy with my kayak training. due to this, i left my running training behind, i didnt run more than 7km as a training anymore, i just run 15km (for NB Pacesetters) and 11km (for NB Setia Alam) race. and setia alam race was my last 11km run, after that i just run at 3-4km haha! and with that mileage, i wish to make a new personal record of 1hr45mins for half marathon, i'm definitely crazy!!

as usual, i went to the race with UiTM Runners' Club (URC), we have more than 20 runners this time. mostly joined the half marathon and 4runners joined 10km race. we left uitm at 4.50am and arrive at dataran merdeka at about 5.35am. i took ablution at masjid negara and did my subuh prayer at dataran merdeka as they had prepared one small area for muslims to pray. as soon i finish my subuh prayer i called my mom because today (28th June) was her birthday, Happy Birthday Mom.. then, i called my lecturer, this is her first race event (if i'm right), her first 10km race. good job for her as she willing to wake up early and just to join this run. not so many people dare to take the challenge. you should proud of yourself miss as you had did something good. 

the time is 6:10am, 5minutes to start......
at this time, i didnt see any women (URC members) that join half marathon. huh! they went to the starting position earlier.... so, alwi, nasa, fallah, hariz, nas went to the starting position together, we didnt see asif too. we planned to start at the back, but then syah is coming and going  to the front, we just follow him. some of us manage to go infront a bit, and some went more further. the the race begun... 

i ran together with fallah as some URC runners run faster. i told fallah it's better to be slow now cuz it's far more.. this is not 10km like we always did, this is 21km! so, at about 5min, we just ran behind people, we overtook when there was bigger space for us to overtook. but after 8min, i told fallah we must pace up to finish at about 2hr. if at this speed, we r going to finish at about 2hr40min.. so, fallah and me start to overtook people and we met munirah, she's doing good at this time, she had improve a lot. good job. then, we met puteri, and pjart, and i asked her to join me and fallah but she couldn't hear as she was listening to her mp3. later, we met nasrul, we ask him to run together, we maintain the speed. then we met another URC member, ruby.... at this time kami sungguh kecoh! haha. we were talking so loud and laugh together and i still remember there was one guy look at us and smile. hihi.. we ran together - me, fallah, nasrul, and ruby. later, ruby can't follow (she is injured). then i met my neighbour, uncle chris. he was the one that first introduced me to this kind of open race. Thank You to him. i greeted him and he was happy to see me and said "hey din, i met your people justnow".. and i am wondering who did he met? wow, he knows our runners club member? hehe.. URC getting popular now. weeee :)

ok, as we go on, i can see nasrul pull over, he couldnt maintain the same pace and it's ok, take it easy. however, bad things starting to happen to me at 7km, above my ankle starts to hurt, not so much hurt but it affect me a bit and i dont know why, my left knee feel uncomfortable - it hurts a bit everytime i land my feet. this time, i recall, oh yes, i never run more than 5km for my training! padan muka!
i still follow fallah, i just loose him at the second drink station, he didnt stop but i did, i need 100plus, cant deny that my body needs water. then, as i continue my run alone without URC member, i try to maintain the same speed as i ran with fallah, but i think it didnt turn out well. i'm getting slow. i just keep on running, i keep in my mind that i wont stop run and walk, NEVER!! eventhough i just slow jog, I WONT STOP! that's wat i keep telling myself. then at about 10km, i take my POWER GEL (Tangerine flavour), i'm getting better at it. Previously, i stop at water station and ate that first, but this time, i eat it while i was running. hehe!
i keep on running and at about 14-15km i met asif, i'm seriously couldnt believe that he was there infront of me! i talked to "him what happen? r u ok?" and he just ask me to go first. i know he isnt ok at all.. as i keep on running i met sufinah, whoa i cant believe that she was actually infront of me from the beginning. huhu, you are a good runner. i talked to her lets run together as i can see her tired and maybe her leg cramp, but i'm tired too, my pace drop down. i'm seriously slow. after 5mins, i run alone again, sufi cant keep up as i running a little bit faster. i just keep on running and i pray that i wont cramp in the middle of the race. after 10min, i can feel that my peha mau kejang... oh my God, i quickly slow down, but still jogging. at about 2.5km to da finish line,i met my lecturer, just say hi to her and let her run her race. :)
2km to go, i asked for the counterpain and rub it from knee to ankle (avoid my bestis to get cramp cuz it feels different).. the mistake here was i didnt rub it on my peha! adoi... forgot! but then my running went smoothly. then YESSSS i finish my run at 2hr11min.. 

i went to the half marathon booth to collect the medal and met alwi, hariz, and fallah.. they did greatly in this race, all three of us below 2hours. as i have collected my medal, i took banana and drink a lot of 100plus. then i went to URC area and rub menza ice on my betis and peha.. but, unfortunately, after 10mins, my leg cramp! real bad! my peha was so painful and seriously i never feel this pain before! i rub with menza ice and aishah help me to relax the muscle, then syah came to me and gave me O.R.S to drink up, TQ2. it took about 15-20mins for me to feel better again. i almost let my tears drop down my face. adeh!
at this time, i promise to myself never run half marathon without enough preparation! NEVER!
this race was a good experience for all URC members, almost all cramp!

race summary-

date: 28th June 2009
time: 6:15 am
distance: 21.097km

timing: 2hour 11mins
max HR: 192bpm
ave HR: 167bpm
kcal burnt: 2385kcal
my legs cramp badly!!

official from kl-marathon:
Net Start:06:14:26Category:Half Marathon 21km
Net Time:02:10:41Position:446
Finish Timing:02:12:06.88


-the end-


adek dush said...

ko tau x cmane ko ble habis half marathon walaupon ko x cukup training?
its passion bro!
good job n congrats bro!
next time better preparation untuk target kite...
good luck bro...
see ya next event

Anonymous said...

Haha...I told U so...U needed the training... but U brushed aside the advice..... was a good experience..wasnt it? U got the "feel" of a half marathon... so better luck nxt time...InsyaAllah, U can do better than that!
From..U know who...!!

zuddin said...

to>> adek dush;

haha passion eh? yah maybe.. ok2, aku dah xnak main2 lagi utk adidas nih.. klu aku xtraining, baik jgn masuk.. xnak dah cramp macam ape ntah hari tu huhu..
kne bykkan long run kan.. hmm.. harap2 dapatlah aku handle timetable aku next sem..

to>> anonymous;

yah, it was a very good experience.. i wont do like that anymore.. huhu..

pJarT_FiZa said...

jom training same2 pasni
nape ko xmention ko jumpe aku tgh jln eh...ciss
mmg bhaye wat cmni..jgn wat lg lenkli..
all d best dude!!

hariz zin said...

din..mmg aq xnampak ko dari mula la..kan aq g start kat depan..
kalo aq nmpk,aq da mention da..

nk training g tau aq k...
wat mase skang aq try training naik turun tangga jerr..
(baru nak buat)

zuddin said...

to>> pjart;

aku mention lah nama kau pjart.. walau bagaimana pun, aku dah highlight nama2 yg aku jumpa time lari.. huhu lagi senang nak nmpk.. :)

to>> hariz;

no hal bro, klu ada aku nak train long run aku ajak kau ok.. jgn bz study je.. selit lah running nih utk relaxation.. kau mesti relex n release tension nyer bler jumpe URC members.. kan2x? hehe...

hariz zin said... sentiasa relax le..
nk start training pun kat skola jerr..
kaki aq lemah,xleh thn lama..
so,kena main bukit kuat sikit..bukit tkr lak jd tangga..

long run nnt ajak aq tau..
mcd run jd x??

pJarT_FiZa said...

sdikit kerabonan di situ
aku da nmpak
marila kite training same2
nggak mau lg cramp kaki due2 blah
its hurt..owh~!!

zuddin said...

to>> hariz;

yah, McD run jadi!! jgn xdtg.. hehe, 7km jer...

to>> pjart;

yup, aku pun serik dah cramp peha aku hari tuh.. nak nanges dah.. :p

old_pirates said...

bro congrats... 4 the 21km.. keep it up.. gua caya smer uitm runner club..huhu