Monday, June 15, 2009

Kayak - Kementerian Belia & Sukan


Last weekend i had joined the kayak competition in Putrajaya. This game was different, this is not meant only for IPTA students anymore, this is open competition, from state player, club, or individual.. but mostly come under club and state.. My coach encourage me to join this event as he wants me to gain experience by compete with other people and not just public university students (MASUM games).. Most kayakers came with club or Jabatan Belia & Sukan for each state, but my group just came with UiTM team!... We have 5 kayakers, 2 women and 3 men. unfortunately we have some problems with the registration of one of our kayaker, man. As his name did not registered for the 500m men single. So that means our team is only 4 kayakers. 
Each people can only join 2 category in this event. As for me and kamal, we joined TK1 1000m and TK1 500m.. I got 1st place in MASUM last time for the 1000m event, and this time I want to try the 500m race too.. Another 2 women kayakers join TK2 1000m (TK2 for double category) and both TK1 500m... 

So, as my game (1000m) held on friday after friday prayer (3.30pm) we had our lunch at 12.30pm.. and as soon as we reached putrajaya after prayer, we warming up, strecthing, and did some land paddling.. a little bit nervous. I was in the heat 1 and kamal in heat 2, just different 15minutes. 
I went to the starting place early as i want to avoid myself from tired. then the race begins!!!
I was in lane 4, and my left side was PDRM and my right side was from Sarawak, no kidding they are fast.. I was no.4 at this time. For the heat, each top 3 will go to the final and as we only have 2 heat, that means 6 kayakers will be in the final.. Attention TOOOT, the race begins... I paddle as fast as i can and i was at 4th position this time and as at 500m I still unable to chase the no.3 (I forgot where was he from).. I did my very best just to get 3rd position because I really want to go to the final, and at only 300m to the finish line, I start to get closer to him and overtook him, and I just able to left him 3seconds away and the no.2 kayaker was 4seconds infront of me but the no.1 for this heat was about 8 seconds away.. huhu PDRM was so fast!
Kamal also got into final, he got 1st place for heat2..

Our final 1000m was friday afternoon too, 40minutes after our heat!! so tired laaaaaa.....
I was in lane 6 and kamal was in lane 1.. This time I just pray that i can get 3rd place atleast... cuz i know i cant beat the 1st place in my heat (from PDRM), he was too fast.. i hope heat 2 people is not that fast so that i can still gain 3rd place. haha! 
10 seconds to go, TOOOTTT... the race begins, and i started smoothly.. after i did my speed stroke, i check what position am i, and i can see that heat 1 contestant making gap with heat 2 contestant.. lane 4, 5 , and 6 were about 5 seconds infront of lane 1,2, and 3 (all from heat 2).. I feel a little safe at this time, but this is 1000m race, anything could happen at last 200m.. at this moment, no.2 was kayaker from Sarawak and he was about 4 seconds infront of me.. I try my best to stop him making gap between him and me, so i started to speed up my long pull (just speed up a bit) and push my kayak with my feet, and maintain my body position.. as at 500m, I can see he was looking at me with his "all-out-face", he looks so like pushing himself to stay infront of me as so i am to chase him.. haha! this race is like fighting for the 2nd place because the 1st place was really meant for PDRM as he was infront of us about 8-10seconds..
As I at 300m to the finish line I can see aishah was shouting at me to paddle faster cuz i just side-by-side with him (kayaker from sarawak).. so, i power up my paddling, i just keep my focus, using my body to paddle, use my legs, maintain my body position, faster my breath and bla bla bla.. at 200m i successfully overtook him but at about 100m i really worry that i cant maintain my speed and he will overtake me back.. haha! really out of breath this time.. but alhamdulillah i still able to paddle and finish 2 seconds infront of him... :)
I was so happy and shouted out loud even though I'm not no.1 but to get 2nd place in open competition was something good for me.. or perhaps something very valuable for me..
Kamal got 5th place in this race, he was in lane no.1..

However, for the 500m race, which i was in lane 6, and kamal in lane 1 was not so good.. I have lost in this race, I got 6th place and kamal 5th place.. we were so far behind (both of us), we were about 4 seconds behind from no.4 but 11 seconds behind no.1 kayaker from Jabatan belia & sukan Perak (he played for UPSI in MASUM for this 500m event and also got GOLD)..
Nevermind, i think i'm not into this short distance.. hahah! 500m need power and stamina.. but power comes first. unlike 1000m, it requires stamina more than power.. 


MTK1 500m (kamal) - 5th place
MTK1 500m (zuddin) - 6th place
MTK1 1000m (zuddin) - SILVER
MTK1 1000m (kamal) - 5th place

WTK1 500m (ecah) - GOLD
WTK1 500m (fifi) - BRONZE
WTK2 1000m (ecah & fifi) - GOLD

UiTM gained 2 GOLD, 1 SILVER, 1 BRONZE...

shimi, me, kamal

my result..

adeh, keciknya aku nih.... ni nak besarkan badan nih.. haha


adek dush said...

fuhh...fuhh...makin power la korang nih...tabik spring beb

Anonymous said... all of you winning this competition...

En Zuddin tentu semakin "bersemangat" skrang.. :p
From: "you know who"

zuddin said...

to adek dush;
tq bro.. perlu carik pengalaman byk2 nih, mana ada event jer, kami sebat ar.. menang kalah utk thun pertama ni xpe... :)

to anonymous;
yah, bersemangat utk menebus kekalahan teruk 500m.. haha! tggulah thun depan.. :p

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♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

perghh..power beb!
lame nye aku tak turun kayak..huhu..