Friday, July 18, 2008

Life is Wonderful.... is it true?

When we talk about life, what would be your first impression? How does your face looks like? What do you give? A smile or the otherwise? To me, I would like to give a big SMILE :)..........


I do admit that life sometimes get so complicated, so difficult, so frustrated, but all those things give you and me this thing - "EXPERIENCE".... The thing that make us mature and the thing that gives us lesson. Without frustration, sadness or hard times in life, we could not ever step further in life to achieve success. Remember that those tears is actually the fuel that gives us strength to be better in life and to achieve something that we target. "If it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger".


Our life is something very wonderful as it is full of tears and joy.. Without tears and sadness, joy would be something normal and you wouldn't appreciate it if you have it. Without difficulties to achieve something, you wouldn't appreciate if you get it or maybe you don't even care.
I would never forget all my friends that gave me joy and laughter, all those cherish and crazy moment together. I hope that I can spend more time in that moment but these happy moment flow so damn fast and you would never know it is going to end soon.


This is so beautiful and sweet but it is sometimes complicated. How can you love or like someone but you think that you don't have chemistry with him/her? How is it? Complicated right? Hurm.... But when you love/like someone, you would do some crazy things, you would help her/him no matter how difficult it is. You tend to do things you don't actually do before just for the person you like. You start to listen to love songs... Hahaha that's so true..
Love could be simple, easy going, sweet, happy, but it also can turn into vice versa...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

doing some reading~

I've surf the website on marathon in Kuala Lumpur, and I've found one. It's AmBank KL International Marathon. It is an annual programme and normally in March.
The fee is RM40 for marathon and RM25 for half-marathon.
We can get the certificate if finish in 7 hours. WOW! Who is going to run for 7 hours?
And will get the finisher medal for those who finish the race below 7 hours.

It looks very good to me at first, but then, after reading people's story, he told that only about 800 finish the race annually. For sure there is more than 800 participant, but less than 800 finish. What happen to others? hahaha... That's why we need a lot of training before going for marathon. Mental and physical preparation should be done accordingly and discipline...

the assignment~

Yesterday (15th July '08) my lecturer gave me an assignment and I think I'm the one most excited about this assignment compared to the others. The assignment is to record our food intake for a week. And to calculate how much calorie we take every day.
I think, I'm the one who started the assignment first in the class today (16th July '08).
I've been taking pictures of food that i ate and I'll do extra on this assignment eventhough this assignment don't contribute to any marks. haha, sort of enjoying doing this.. :)

As what we have been taught in the class, how much we should eat depend on our weight (calorie intake).
It is like this:

(your weight in kg x 30kcal) = amount you should take daily

For me;

60 x 30kcal = 1800kcal

That means I should take 1800kcal daily and if I want to loose some weight, I should cut off about 400-500kcal daily...
But as I'm doing exercise, I'm not suppose to take less than that. However, this is what happen - I only take about 1400kcal to 1800kcal...
Now, I'm going to change my diet, I've been thinking to take more protein and carbohydrate. Eat rice back and eat more bread and eggs, drink milk, and not forgetting the meat.. haha!

My training of having good healthy body and life is going well i guess. I will go for jog/run once in a two days and do indoor exercise once in two days too.. If i run on Monday, then on Tuesday I will do indoor exercise and get back on track on Wednesday.
I've read that intervals training is better to reduce weight and build up some muscle (with proper eating habits). Because of that, I have add sprint run in my routine too.

Hmm, all these things that I've been doing is for my health and this also can reduce stress. I do hope that my friend will notice how important exercise is and how important to take it seriously in their life. To me, around this age is the best age to exercise as we are young.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The shoes that matters...


Today i just bought a new shoes in Midvalley mega mall. I've been spending 3 hours to look around and do some survey about the price and the model of the shoes. I certainly now into Adidas brand. I don't know why, but i feel that branded things like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, and etc have their good technology that make it so damn expensive.. Adidas response is now my new shoes.. The feel is so different from my old jogging shoes. The soft, flexible, and comfort feeling is so worth it for the price. With this technology too, I can prevent knee injuries.. My grand-uncle also suggest me to buy a new pair of shoes before from Adidas or Nike that have shock-absorption ability, it's to prevent knee problem in the future.

This is my new shoes: the box...

ADIDAS Response 16th Edition; size 9 1/2..

, I won't forget all those my training with my old shoes.. It has been my accompany from last 2 years and now, from jogging, running, squash, and even tennis, luckily i have another shoes for badminton. And for now, it should have a little bit more rest now..

Below is my old accompany... hehehe..

Power shoes; size 10...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Starting~

Hi.. this is my first time writing on a blog. And at this moment i'm going to write something about my short term goal - running for 10km on "Adidas King Of The Road" on 8th august 2008.
It just about 4 weeks to go starting from now (12/07/2008). I'm going to update my work here as this might make me more serious into this, and next year my target is 22.7km
(for a half-marathon).

On 28th June, i have hurt my ankle when i run for 7.2km in 50mins. Urgh! it's so frustrating as after that i can't run anymore. I have stop running for a while for recovery. But the recovery wasn't fast as i expected. It takes two weeks for that. But in the meanwhile, i'm not totally rest myself from do the work-out. I still do my training in my room, i do push-ups, sit-ups, plank, and weight lifting. This would ensure that i'm not totally out of stamina, i hope so..

The longest run i ever did was the 7.2km and i got my ankle hurt for that, so, i actually wondering can i run for 10km? haha! As Adidas say - "Impossible Is Nothing".. So, i will go for that. Maybe it's about shoes too. I right now using my old shoes to run (it is 2 years already) which i use for squasy and tennis :)
So, it's proven that shoes playing a part too for the run, if you get unsuitable shoes, you may hurt yourself. Looking forward to buy new shoes soon, and it's not just for the 10km run, but it's for my passion of running... huh! i have new hobby - RUNNING..

If, you guys outside there have any tips for me, i would love to listen. Just drop some comments.

"Run For Live"