Sunday, January 25, 2009

the training today

today, 25th jan 2009...

sunday, a holiday, a break from working routine, a short time for mood recovery, a single day of rest, and yes a good day for training......
today i trained twice, in the morning and also in the afternoon. morning run started at 7.00 am, and just a short run to keep active. meanwhile my afternoon run started at 6.30 pm (because i accidentally slept! haha) is a 4.4km run.. 
i used my heart rate watch for my both run. morning run using the lap timing and afternoon run using the stopwatch. here are the result:

Morning run:
distance: 1 loop = 900m
lap 1 - 5min:12sec (148 HR)
lap2 - 4min:43sec (178HR)
lap3 - 4min:29sec (182HR)

total time - 14min:15sec
average HR: 169/min

*this run was good as i normally run for 3 loops, so, i wasnt a big deal. i think i should try 5 loops and maintain below 5mins..

Afternoon run:
distance: 4.4km
route: bangsar park area
time: 25min:xxsec (i accidentally delete the data in my watch, luckily i remember some)
max HR: 188
average HR: 175
in-zone: 95%

*whoa! it was good to have heart rate monitor along in the run. as i tried to push to the energy zone (above 185) and it cause me a real terrible mess! i gasping for the air. thus, my breathing wasnt so right but i did try to control it just after my HR pass 180, my breathing became chaos! real one! thats why i need to train at above 180 for 5mins straight, just to let my body used to it. but i'm kinda satisfy with this afternoon run. enjoy it with new gadget.. hehe :)

                                                                  my training route for the afternoon run

Jom training....

training training... that's the word! i want to cut off 15mins from my previous record. 
and now, training seems more interesting when i got myself a heart rate monitor. haha! i think i'm into sports now, specifically running.. i'm not an serious athlete but i love to run as running makes me feel free and this was the reason before. now, i have jump to the next level, running is not just for recreational but running takes me to my limit and now, i challenge my limit, i push my limit to see what am i capable of. this is my reason of running now. 

well, i still have a normal life, it's not that i'm too serious in running till i cant eat this and that. maybe cut down some fatty food, but i still enjoy my meals. perhaps maybe i eat more cuz i run. haha! 

ok, this lets talk about my heart rate monitor. it's just have the basic function and this is the cheapest i can find. yeah! thnx to uncle chris to let me "study" his heart rate monitor and tell me where did he bought his heart rate monitor. 

brand: Ciclo
model: CP12C
function: clock, alarm, date, heart rate, lap timing, calories, in-zone percentage.

now, and so on i'll be running with my new gadget.. i only use my mp3 in the competition,but for training, i dont like to use it as i like to push my limits with my own motivation in my mind.. training doesnt mean just to train the body, but it also train the mind to focus and determine to achieve the goal.. 

ok, i will update my training later.. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Motivation vs Preparation........


Today Monday which is a working day and I suppose to be in the factory doing my practical training but now where am I??- I’m at home. It’s true! This is the side effect of the yesterday 20km race, I thought I didn’t push myself so much and that I won’t hurt myself. But I was wrong. Consistently jogged for two hours make my both knees hurt now. My muscle feel stress after 30min I crossed the finish line and it wasn’t bad at all, it was just a minor stress and for that reason I feel proud that I didn’t cramp in the race or after the race. Thank you to syah as he spray something on my “peha” as to avoid cramp. I feel good, but yes for sure tired after the race. However, in the afternoon, I started to feel that my knees so hurt. I walked slowly as I can’t put more pressure to both my knees and it hurts a lot when going down or going up. Haha! But I still feel proud of myself. It means that I have did what I think I can’t do it before! And as the word stated – “NO PAIN NO GAIN”… So, I know that I’ve achieved something! I have made an improvement! I have done my promise to run half-marathon! A promise not to someone, but a promise to myself, to me, to AIZUDDIN!

I’m so motivated in the last week to the race day, I trained myself harder (even though runners should have more rest in the last week of the countdown). But to make sure I’m able to run, I must train myself! Yes, I did the 9km training around my home area in the night just after arrived home from work, the time for 9km was 47min 22sec (Wednesday). Then the next day I rested myself and the day after I just jogged for 2km (Friday). This is what I’m thinking about right now, I actually well motivated to run on that day but eventually my body is not yet prepared to enter the long distance race, to absorb all the impact, to sustain the impact that I put to the legs and the knees. My legs, might be able to run slowly continuously but the knees don’t and due to the motivation I kept in my mind during running, my brain told the body that I still can go, I still can run forward, I still can arrive there and arrive there proudly! I have read in the runners’ world magazine that we actually didn’t give our 100% of what our body can. When we almost achieved 100%, the brain will tell us to stop. This is the reaction between the brain and the body. By this article, I strengthened my motivation. Even though now my knees have hurt but I know that I did a good job and good choice not to push myself to the limits! Just imagine what would happen if forced myself to run faster. Haha I would hurt my whole body.

So, this is the story about motivation vs preparation. In this race, my motivation is stronger than what my body as I’m lack of preparation. For the June race (Standard Chartered International), I’ll make sure I’m well prepared before I join the race. Here I come!!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

The 20km a.k.a HALF-MARATHON

hi to all..

Ok, we change mood, today I'm thinking to write in Malay Language, so, it starts now:

hari ni (18/01/2009) ahad, mcm semua orang tau yg ada larian great eastern @ Lake Gardens. so, aku ni pun yg secara tiba2 pergi register for 20km masa tgk wayang cerita Yes Man pun pergi ar pada jam 5.30am kluar rumah. then solat subuh dulu kat masjid bukit aman. hmm, macam event ahad lepas (KLAVA Open Back To Nature Relay), aku sakit perut pagi ni. hmm, nasib baik tandas kat masjid tu bersih. bagus2 keep it up.. then, lepas je solat, bergegas ke kereta, syah dah ada kat kereta, aku kne g krete utk salin baju n tuka seluar pendek, dan skali lah ambik "power bar gel" (utk half of the race), my neighbour's heart rate monitor (thanks to uncle chris bg pinjam for this race) & iPod aku. aku fikir, 20km ni klu xde lagu, mau semput aku. secara faktanya mmg terbukti jika kita ni lari sambil dgr lagu; kita speed up; pace meningkat; and consistent! masa tgh siap2 kat krete ni,aku tgk jam perh!!!! sudah 6.30am worr.... skrang ni kan subuh lewat, bulan 4 nnt subuh dah start awal semula..
cepat2 ar bergegas ke tempat start, malangnya, tempat start tu lebih kurang 1km away... aiyoo, b4 race start pun kne lari wor, same ar dgn syah.. tp syah tu laju, die dah menghilang kemana ntah. aku ni lagi 300m nak smpi org sume dah start! dah dgr bunyi "gun shot"... inilah race pertama 20km aku n race pertama aku berada paling blakang masa start! wahhaha.. new experience for both situation. the race story begins;

aku start dgn pace yg tenang, jgn gopoh nak pecut, ini 20km, bukan 10km... aku follow jer org blakang utk minit pertama cuz jln sempit, slow2 aku mencelah.. well, aku trus memotong org dlm masa 40mnt.. tp aku x tingkatkan speed, itu penting.. mcm uncle chris (a.k.a my coach) ckp, aku kne cari pace aku sendiri and maintain! itu yg penting dlm long distance race.. so, mmg aku dah set, jgn laju! then jln tu melalui jln berbukit-bukau mcm event Mizuno Wave run dulu yg mana aku semput and berhenti untuk berjalan sketika sbb xmampu lari dah. Tapi skrng aku sekadar tersenyum jer lalu  kat bukit tu. haha! itulah die result dari training. mmg x lari laju, hanya skadar jogging tp aku dah x termengah2. dah mampu kawal pernafasan. however, lbh kurang 17km aku dah mule slow down, tp x berhenti, n yg hebatnya aku rasa aku brada dlm golongan yg awal gak, walaupun bukan golongan top 50.. haha! sbb masa time ni, hanya lbh kurng 20-30 org jer dalam yg aku leh nmpk (masa kilometer 17).. 
alhamdulillah, smpi jugak aku akhirnya ke garisan penamat dengan selamat :)
dah buat record sendiri, 20km - 2jam 00min 54saat.. klu nk sng ble org tnye, aku bgtau 2jam 01min jer..

analisis result:
1) basically, pace aku untuk race ni ialah 6min/km... hurm?? ok ker? rase cam slow jer.
2) aku mampu bertahan kerana aku x gopoh masa awal2. (tahniah!!)

analisis dari heart rate monitor:
1) masa larian : 2hr 00min 54sec
2) average heart rate: 172 bpm
3) in zone: 1hr 36min 10sec (aku dah set heart rate range from 120-180).. so, 1jam 36min ar aku dalam range ni, mybe masa awal tu, heart beat just 100bpm and masa naik bukit tgh2 tu heart beat aku 192bpm... tu dah kre tkluar range dah..

Club Members result:

1) syahidan (20km) - 1hr 28min..
2) firdaus (30km) - 3hr 01min..
3) aizuddin (20km) - 2hr 01min..

                                                with the UiTM Runners Club Members

                                                          Powerbar gel yg aku mkn masa tgh lari...

                                                         I'm the finisher of half-marathon.... 

                                                        the 1st 20km medal..


Sunday, January 11, 2009

1st event of 2009!

KLAVA Open Back To Nature Relay 2009

Organised by : Kuala Lumpur Association of Veteran Athletes (KLAVA)
Venue : Taman Metropolitan Batu, Off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 11 January 2009
Time : 7.30am
Distance : 3.6km per loop
Runners per team : 3 runners

This morning went to Taman Metropolitan Batu to join the relay race, for the first time. It was really enjoyful, and need team-work. I was the 1st runner 2nd runner was Nazrul, and 3rd runner was hariz. Our team which was recognized as "Mobbylity" (Nazrul named it) and there was women team named as "Charlie's Angels" (haha! I just suggest it to them, and they accept it). Our uitm runners club president (Mr. Syahidan) was team-up with his friends. Well, this race wasn't in our club schedule, that's why he didn't come with the club, this event is just our own initiative to come and join.

Syah got 4th place for his team. running fast eh!
Team timing (10.8km) - ???
My team got 15th place out of 31 competitive team. 
Team timing (10.8km) - 52min 41sec
Charlie's Angels team got 1st place out of 6 competitive team! (Good job girls!)
Team timing (10.8km) - 61min 52sec

Now is about me;
From Shah Alam, we went to the venue noted at 5.45am. arrived there at about 6.40am, we stopped at mosque first for Subuh prayer. Then we went to the park and met Syah there. As we walking to the gathering place, we saw people already started to register and pin-up the number on their shirts. To cut short,I started the race in a good condition, but somehow i feel a little bit stomach ache. Then, just run for 1min, my stomach ache get worst! ah! damn, this is really a problematic..... So, I try my best to not to think about it and just focus my run. Yes, I made it, but it only for about 5min, later my stomach ache attack again. Arr, really distracting. I have no other option but to slow down, there is no such thing as stop and go to the toilet, it will waste the time so much. So I slow down myself but the important thing is to keep running and some veteran men already far infront of me. People said don't judge a book by it's cover. Well, it is so true. They are consistent, infact, they are better than me. They maybe not fast like young people, but to see they stop running and start walking, well,it just in your dream. Then, at about 500m more, I started to keep up pace, adding more energy, putting more efforts in the run. 80m ahead, what else, SPRINT!!!! That what I did, and my target for end of this year, in a long distance running, at almost the end of the race, I want to be able to sprint at 500m to the end.... IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING
"Mobbylity"(hariz, naz, zuddin)

"Charlie's Angels" (fifi, ecah, ruby)

me running to the "change zone"

UiTM Malaysia Runners Club members
(front from left: ruby; fifi; ecah.... back from left: syah; hariz; naz; zuddin)
at the gate of taman metropolitan batu

Thursday, January 1, 2009

the new year, new target...

hello 2009...............
hmm, there were so many happy and sad story in 2008, whatever it is, it might be a good experience for us in the future. well, i have change my mind a little about the Great Eastern race. supposedly i should not enter it as i said before i wasnt ready. but unfortunately, when went to midvalley megamall last 28th dec, i registered for the race.. haha! what a decision...

hmm... need to training a lot but must keep my body energetic, not fatigue. this 2009, i target to join 20km (the longest).. and for the 2010, i will looking forward for marathon.. hope i will b in good condition.. :) see ya!