Tuesday, July 28, 2009

err.. long time not blogging :(

err.. too busy with degree lifestyle.. no time to sit in-front of computer to update my blog nor the internet connection is not hard to reach. the first week of campus life was busy with the subject registration, credit assumption, PTPTN, and also hay-wire timetable.. 

on 19th July i joined McDonald Olympic Day Run 2009 at Dataran Merdeka (again!!!). this event was 7.5km run. went to dataran merdeka with UiTM Runners' Club, the club that really likes to run.. haha!
went together by bus (about 20 runners..) and we arrived early, that was so nice to be there early and not rushing to get prepared. the medal for this event just for top100. adoii i knew this is hard for me. but i just try my best!
fortunately, i got the 100th medal. i overtook about 5runners for the last 300m and i'm so lucky to do so. haha! the runner behind me look so frustrated as he did not get the medal because i really overtook him at last 100m. so pity for him, but he didn't speed up for it though.. 

line up for the medal; the 100th...

with top runners, alwi & syah

wiv my bestfriend

UiTM Malaysia Runners' Club......


then on 19th july 2009 i joined the MALAKOFF UNIVERSITY DUATHLON 2009 in UPM.. it is a series race. have three events, 1st in UPM, then Uniten, lastly UM.. but UiTM only sent for a race. nevermind, this is for the exposure to the duathlon race..

run 3km - cycle 13km - run 3km

UiTM didnt sent individual participant, all of us entered the team category. consist of three people. runner A, cyclist, & runner B.
for this event, i didnt run, but i cycle... for 13km. my 1st cycling event..
after this race, i really want the road bike! so that i can joined the individual race next year. haha! the road racing bike cost about rm3000.. adui mana mau cari duit??? :(
but honestly, my knowledge about this road bike is so poor, hehe.. maybe after i joined UiTM Cycling Club i can gain some knowledge from few cyclist there.. they are good about road bike or mountain bike. 
and for this event, it was the 1st collaboration between UiTM Malaysia Runners' Club with UiTM Cycling Club.. hopefully, one day, we can make collaboration with swimming club too. so that, we can join triathlon. nice....;)

my team.. sufi; me; fizi

the UiTM runners & cyclists..