Sunday, December 28, 2008

Malakoff 12km Run

fuuh.. 12km race last sunday was tough... 
Woke up really early that morning at 5.15 am just to have breakfast at 5.20 am - a Gardenia's anchovies bread with a glass of full cream milk. Then at 6 am I took a shower and left home at 6.25 am. The race that suppose to start at 7.00 am but delay to 7.13 am, and believe that the people at the back side singing "why are we waiting~" haha....
Then at 7.13 am, the race begun. I started pretty well, not to speed up because I know that would be a mistake i I do so. I just have to maintain the pace as long as I can. Now, my pace is 5mins/km and not consistent for 1 hour, so I need to improve that. This race (12km) is a two laps race, at first, there is going up the hill (not that tough) then we run down the hill for about 1 km straight and I was thing is this that easy? At that time I forgot that this is "lap racing", and then when I arrived at the checkpoint and make a turn back, and hell yah, the going up hill like real crazy! However, when I was at about 3 km, the Kenyan already at their 4 to 5 km, and when I was about 1.5 km more to the turn back checkpoint, the Kenyan have been there about 5 minutes ago. This is like between Nissan Skyline with Perodua Kelisa. haha!

At 5.5 km, I have problem that I really never had in the race - side stitch! Urgh! So unbelievable, it just 5.5 km, half more... Then I just stop running a while and do the stomach breathing, I read this on the runnersworld story and it helps. Later, i started running again and with the slower pace. The adidas king of the road race on august 2008, I just walk once to take a deep breath and starts running back, but for this Malakoff 12km race, i think i had stop for 4 or 5 times. haha. But, I have finished it in 1 hour 05 minutes 14 seconds (1:05':14"). That would satisfied me, especially I'm just a beginner. :)
And from this race, I'd made my mind, I wont be out for 20 km  race this 18th jan 2009 as I know I won't be ready enough. 

Looking forward for next year run and my target is 20 km race and improve my pace to 4.5 min/km.. Oh, not to forget the other target - to invite my friend join the race... hehe..



with two of the runners club members

me - 1:05':14"
edan - 46':54"
firdaus - 51':20"
nazrul - 1:04':00"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Challenge, new goal

This Sunday (21st Dec 08) will be a new challenge for me as I will join 12km race (pushing for further challenge). Will be organized my Pacesetter Athletic Club Malaysia. The race will take place in Taman Rimba Tun Dr. Ismail and I have to double up my effort as I have stop jogging for couple of weeks as I’m doing my practical training until March. I still join the race even though I’m busy with practical training because my goal is 20km next year and unfortunately the 20km is on 18th January 2009. Just one more month, so that, I have to get ready for 20km as the 10km race already test my stamina and mental strength  so hard. Imagine what can happen if we run 20km without enough preparation? We can “collapse” in the race. Hmm…. My training (jogging) will only can be done in the night, at 8.30pm until 9.00pm but maybe after two weeks, I should increase the intensity and the time. Maybe 45mins run. Then the next day, I have to wake up at 5.45am for practical training. Huhu… So, wish me all the best and not to give up in the middle of the race!

There were two races I have joined in last two month but seems that I am kinda busy to write the blog. The race were “Larian Puncak Perdana” and “Mizuno Wave Run 2008” which the puncak perdana was 5.5km and mizuno was 10km. Larian puncak perdana was held by Puncak Perdana College (UiTM Shah Alam) and I got 7th place from about 80 people joined. It just a small event. The mizuno wave run which was organized by Pacesetter Athletic Club (Malaysia) and I got 465th place from about 1200 people, and that result was better than my Adidas King of The Road (due to the time was the same but the track was far difficult). So, I know that I have improved myself a little. For 10km, It took me 55mins to complete the race. I went to the both races by the club, all of us wearing the “UiTM Malaysia Runners Club” t-shirt. It’s proud to be one of the club members, as the club is still new, we are the people that advertising the club to people J. Below are some pictures of the race…