Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Challenge, new goal

This Sunday (21st Dec 08) will be a new challenge for me as I will join 12km race (pushing for further challenge). Will be organized my Pacesetter Athletic Club Malaysia. The race will take place in Taman Rimba Tun Dr. Ismail and I have to double up my effort as I have stop jogging for couple of weeks as I’m doing my practical training until March. I still join the race even though I’m busy with practical training because my goal is 20km next year and unfortunately the 20km is on 18th January 2009. Just one more month, so that, I have to get ready for 20km as the 10km race already test my stamina and mental strength  so hard. Imagine what can happen if we run 20km without enough preparation? We can “collapse” in the race. Hmm…. My training (jogging) will only can be done in the night, at 8.30pm until 9.00pm but maybe after two weeks, I should increase the intensity and the time. Maybe 45mins run. Then the next day, I have to wake up at 5.45am for practical training. Huhu… So, wish me all the best and not to give up in the middle of the race!


Anonymous said...

not much U can do with stamina in such a short time... may be work hard on "mental strenght".... U can't loose on that...
Good luck!

adek dush said...

gud luck bro malakoff 12km