Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lets talk KAYAK

salam, lately i've been training for kayak, actually at first i was just want to see how is it, i mean can i kayak or not. and also want to learn a little bit about kayak. but then, it turned out the other way.....
we had our first training (a.k.a first class) at 26th mac 09, and the coach were amir (called him koyok) and another one amir (called kayap). the first day, we tried single kayak and all first comers were asked to try "nova". it's a recreational kayak, made from plastic. what type of plastic, huh, i dunno!
it was ok. no problem in balancing the kayak, as i had kayak in last 2 years (the same type of kayak). but it was only once, haha!
that afternoon, en.hafiz a.k.a our team manager met us (me, ahmad, kamal, fizi, nasrul, wana, fifi) and told us to train hard n this is just "nova" kayak not yet the racing kayak which is "TK". the "TK" is harder to balance. as it was built for speed, so it is harder to balance (yes of course just for newbie)..

after two weeks, we had to try the "TK" kayak as we have to get used to it. haha! damn hard to balance it, as kamal n i always shaking when we get into it. huhu~~
and for the first day we must get used to it, no need to pedal fast but make sure go straight and able to control it. then as i can pedal smoothly, i started to pedal faster, and i heard kamal said "wah hebat kau din", huhu~... just after about 10seconds later, debush!!! kayak ku terbalik... hahaha! and i cant swim... trying my best to swim to the side with pulling the kayak together, but i wasnt moving... :p
luckily, the coach is still at the back of us n then he helped me... he showed shocking face when i told him i cant swim.. hehehe... luckily wear the life jacket.
after that fall, i was immediately think that i'm not into this kayak thing. in other way, i almost give up... give up... huhu... the fall, the cant swim make me feel so down.. :p

but, then koyok gave me n kamal bring home the life jacket. because we normally come early. ok, at this time, my spirit had increased! cuz i can see that he wanted us to get down training frequently. so, it's ok... i tried another shot another day..

and as day goes by, alhamdulillah, i'm doing good now. no more fall. kamal, he felt for many times but i believed that were good for him, good lesson.. and now, he doesnt fall anymore and becoming faster. :)

ecah fix the tubes at the front of kayak...

my kayak.... 

sit- checked, tubes- checked, cockpit- checked~ ready to go..

so  now, i have this kayak training every afternoon..! whoa! lalalalala... every 5.30 pm people can see us on the lakes for that training... pity for couple that dating at that time, cuz we will be there to make some noise!! or more noise!! hahaha!

ok, at this moment, this is all what can i story about my kayaking program. will update more story later.


Kay Faizal said...

tasik shah alam tu cetek ke dalam? :)

adek dush said...

bile mau blaja swim?

zuddin said...

to kay_faizal,
hmm, ada part tasik tu yg dlm nye tmbh lagi 15cm aku.. kre kat tempat aku terbalik tu aku xdpt pijak dasar ar.. klu yg kat btul2 tgh tu x check plak..

tp yg penting bwh tu cam ada selut, susah gak klu dpt pijak dasar..

zuddin said...

to adek dush;

adui, bila tu xtau tu... hmm..
insyallah minggu ni kot..

Anonymous said...

Kata minggu ni busy.....Bila masanya nak belajar swimming....???
Bulan depan aje ler....
Tapi memang kena belajar...!!!!
Emm... Mon I x free... its either Tue or Wed..:)

Anonymous said...

wah, nk g kyk
tp nk exm, xleh..
cayok ek din 4 da training!

pJarT_FiZa said...

erm...sounds interesting laa kayak ni
apepon jgn give up k..
do ur best
alang2 da sllu training...jgn give up!!!
all d best...