Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can't Believe!!

hmm, as normal last sunday (5th april 09) , I had my sunday run with URC members, but the different this time was there were not many people joint this run, only 7 members. 3 members did one round, and another 4 members did two rounds!
7 members that joint were;


naz; nas; sufi; soleh; daus; me

we started quite late - 7.20am, as usual, we run together 1st than we had our own pace run! hmm, seriously sucks for this day run, my right legs a little bit pain when starting the 2nd round and i had side stitch half of the 2nd round. seriously terrible! for this 2nd round, soleh, daus, n sufi joint together and i'm leading at first 10minutes and later at PTAR 1, sufi overtook me, at end of 'padang kawad' soleh overtook me, and at pusat kesihatan bro daus overtook me.. aiyaa, i have no more extra power to chase them back or even to maintain my pace. i seriously slow down. i had finished this 2nd lap for 27min:16sec.. 29th march run was better - 25min:36sec... hmmm..
oh my God, i lost to sufi this time.. totally lost! huhu


see? my damn exhausted face.. how am i going to join da half marathon.. adeh!

jom bergambar

now as i join the kayak training i have a little bit less training for running! hmm, wednesday to saturday have the kayak training, hehe join kayak but can't swim.. used to terbalik once.. then it was tough to get back at the side cuz can't swim.. haha!

but as i really feel that my running performance down a little, so i need to plan my running schedule well! need to ensure that in this month, every week i must run atleast 40k.. huh? boleh ke.. hahaha :)


adek dush said...

time training jgn push sgt bro...
if injured nt x berbaloi...
hehe...keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Its good to be involved in the kayak training.. but dont you think you are pushing yourself a little bit too hard.. two trainings at one go... can you focus on running? June is not far away you know.
You need your body to be in good shape not injured as adek dush put it... so do take care :)
From..U KNOW WHO..
CU soon.

zuddin said...

>>adek dush,
TQ bro for da advice, tp mmg ar, running performance ada jatuh sikit.. june ni target utama aku. hmm...
bagi aku tips utk long distance training.. target aku 1hr45min utk half marathon... advice, advice plz..

of course i know who r u, hehe... due to no study at this time, i think i cant use my energy for those (kayak n running) but now is kinda not balance.. huhu
yup, i will try my best not to injured myself, tq for ur concern.. :)

Anonymous said...

Ada ke nk sama kan study dgn sport activities yg guna tremendous amount of energy...haha... Study x byk guna energy.. just enough to make U alert n thinking...
Now U r using lots of energy.. I dont know much about sport but at least I know the biological part of it.. bila x cukup energy... badan boleh mogok.. tats when U become exhausted... nnti June target... tinggal target aje...haha.. not to demotivate U but to make U think on how to organize ur activities wisely...

Kay Faizal said...

gituh, gigih berlari! slamat berlari la ye!