Monday, March 9, 2009

Training in UiTM Shah Alam

Hello, on 8th march 2009 we had our group running.. just around UiTM shah alam, and we used the Melati Run route (but we skipped the "Bukit Tonggek"). people that join were

1) aizuddin
2) hafizi
3) ahmad
4) hariz
5) sufinah
6) syazwina
7) nasrul** he came late!! hahaha

we gather at the car park infront of Dataran Cendekia bus stop, did a little bit stretching and started running at 6.14pm (late! as we planned to run at 6pm)
the amazing thing about this run was we did 2 laps of the route. 1st route using the men route for melati run and for 2nd route we ran using the women route for melati run.
for the 1st lap (or 1st round) we ran in group. then the 2nd round after a little bit refreshing ourselves, we ran according to our own pace (after the pondok pak guard pintu depan tu~)..

the distance is: 9.5km 

congratulation as all of us finished below 65 minutes.

as we started to run at our own pace, i can see hariz and fizi had left the group, their pace is good but i know that wasnt their best pace. i know lar hariz, fizi, this training was easy for you guys! hehehe... as for me, it was hard to run up the hills at the 2nd round! hehe but it was damn good feeling when you finished it. and i have finished the run in 55:45.. for 9.5km that have hills, that's quite good.

running details:

distance: 9.5km
time: 55:45
ave HR: 182
max HR: 195
kcal burn: around 1100kcal


hafizi's shoes - adistar glide
zuddin's shoes- adidas response 16th edition
sufinah's shoes- nike ........
after the run! 

'The distance may look easy, but you don't feel the hills yet!! who dare to take the challenge~!!'

-impossible x ada pape- hahaha....


Anonymous said...

Hehe.... a good start...
Bila mau try Bukit Tonggek pulak?

zuddin said...

hari tu masa melati run dah naik dah.. haha!

mat_hariz said...

puji lebih2 nampak..
segan la camni..
btw,the hills reli tough man..looks like easy..

Anonymous said...

Wahai En Zuddin,
I was refering to training at Bukit Tonggek.. the Melati Run was an event/competition...
Bila nk train at that special hill..hehe

mat_hariz said...


bukit tonggek...2x round.. haha..
fight ur limit!

zuddin said...

whoa! bukit tonggek?? nice.. will be in list soon! haha