Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Larian Amal Seri Sinar~

salam.. on sunday (15th march 2009) i went to the another 10km run but this is at different place - Bukit Jalil.. "bukit" is just for the name, cuz there were not so much hills. Just one hill which was steep, the other is just average. UiTM route is harder, haha!

So, the UiTM Malaysia Runners' Club joint this event as we had sent 29 participant and 4 person in-charged for the photos and our bags. The plan was to go at 5.45am but again, there were latecomers...... we actually moved at 6.05am instead of 5.45am. then we stopped by at the tol plaza to pray (Subuh) and continue the journey at 6.35am. The race was planned to start at 7.00am and we only arrived at around 7.10am. YES, WE WERE LATE!!
Luckily the race actually delayed for 5 minutes. As we arrived, we walked to the starting area, there was few members infront and i saw fadhlullah saying "kami letak beg kat sini" and daud, hafizi, asif, azrey, & fadhlullah just rushing to the starting to collect the ribbon and RUUUUUNNNNNN! 
with hurry, i put my bag and run, the word that i wont forget is when i about to run i heard ahmad said "perlu ke lari tak stretching??" hahaha.. and i just ignore and run. then i saw ahmad also follow me. the early mistake for this run was - NO STRETCHING, NO WARMING UP!

as i have taken the ribbon (at the starting line), i just run without looking back, and for this race, i don't run at slow pace for 5 minutes. i just run at my average pace (5min/km) or maybe even better because i'm absolutely late. 1km ahead was no runners at all except few of the URC members. then, after 1km, i saw some runners ahead and as i keep running, i saw there is hill in-front  and thank you to that hill as because of that hill i start to overtaking people. and this is awesome because i'm running at my pace going up hill, not even slowing down. good one! i saw kamal in-front and at the KL city run i actually say something when i was overtaking him but this run, no, i just run.. haha! focus... but i forgot one thing, as i run at this pace, i started to get tired when i was at the top. at the 3rd quater of the hill, sufinah overtook me. oh my god! she just overtook me.. are you kidding? haha. i just follow her for couple of minutes, then i be at her side and encourage her to push more. and maybe i over do it cuz she is going faster (or maybe i'm slower). hehe, she just push and push and go further and make gap with me, aaah! cant follow anymore. then few minutes later, nazrul came from the back. eh! i thought he already in-front. huhu.. he also leave me, and maintain his pace. 
finished one lap, another lap to go, yah miss pjart was standing at the starting point to take our picturesss (thank you to you yah).. 

the 2nd round i actually out of energy larr... even the most un-steep hill also hard to conquer, kahkahkah! but ok lar, still can run... about 2km to go, pahmi overtook me.. i just follow him, didnt care so much at this time, but only when i saw sufinah in-front, my burning spirits came back!! then, i run beside pahmi and told him lets go run with sufinah. yes we did. we run together for one minute and i said it's near but only have one short hill in-front and i started to increase my pace up and sufina just can't follow, she walked for a while. but i didnt stop, i just have to run, thats wat i told myself...... yeah!! finish line...
got kamal's girlfriend to take our picture at the finishing line. hehe.. tq2x

just one thing not satisfied, normally when i finished the race, i still can go to the drink station with short queue but today, the queue already long as there was only one milo drink station. they should do two atleast!

here is the result:

Distance: 10km
Time: 53:35
Placing: 120th
Average HR: 186
Max HR: 200
Kcal burnt: 1149

bad thing: no stretching, no warming up, start with high pace, can't keep up with sufi!
good thing: run easier on the hills.

the great URC members!! (the green tshirt is one of the organiser, Mr. Ronny)

after we finished the run

the members that "gila gambar" hahah!

chit chat while waiting for the bus

lets chit chat about my friend.. i really proud of one of my course mate, as he just started to join the club and now he is committed with running. why did i proud of him? because he is trying his best to improve his performance. and also he was a smoker before! see, a smoker.. now, as he join this club, he had stopped smoking.. GOOD JOB AHMAD...!

ahmad at the finishing line...


adek dush said...

keep it up the good work ahmad!
bro jgn malas training...hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Hey.... the training pays ryte... the hills are much easier to run now (Bukit Tonggek training lagi?Haha) ....and a good preparation for the coming June event! Lepas ni kena work harder for longer distance... :)
To Ahmad... Congrats! Really proud of the change... keep it up!

aku kaki LARI said...

tahniah bro...
lepas ni kne training dgn sufinahla..hehe

bleh plak die potong ko eh..huhu
tapi die train hard...

bleh improve lagi...

zuddin said...

yes yes.. mmg akan ku training lebih byk lepas hbs practical. :)

jom buat speed training kat bukit tonggek. haha!

yup syah, mmg terkejut aku xmampu keep up dgn sufinah hari tu. hoho...
aku dah kre kelompok die dah nih.. die dah improve byk dari sem lepas...

pJarT_FiZa said...

hey...jgn mls training k..huhuhu...speed training kt tonggek???sounds interesting lol..mesti aku jauh tertinggal..poor me..
c ya l8er..

hariz zin said...

hmm,bst la ko..nnt ada banyak masa leh training..
makin hari,makin kurang waktu bleh training...xpe2..wat yg termampu je..

gud luck to u n amad oso...
we fight for the half marathon..!!!

zuddin said...

training for the 15km bro... kne adaa improvement.. cuz klu dah lama in running tp xde improvement, one day kita akan bosan..
stuju x?

hariz zin said...

betol3..setuju teramat sgt bro..
bile aq xmampu nk lari lg bgus dari smalam,aq nk berhenti je rasanya..hmm,tapi da sebab jiwa ni suka nk berlari je..aq lari jgk la tp semangat da down da..hahaha..

ape2 pun all the best!!!
15KM n 20KM,here we come!!