Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rowing + swimming~

ouhh... tired~

yes, that is the feel when i arrived to my home at 9.45 pm..
went to uitm to row for 6km:
5km non-stop, rest for 30sec then another 1km. my target for the 1km is below 3min 50sec (as my last record of 1km indoor rowing competition was 3min 55sec). but, target not achieved.. haha

5km : 21min 40sec
rest 30-40sec, continue-
1km : 4min 10sec (15sec more as compare to my personal record)

ergometer (but not in UiTM)

then after finished rowing at 5.15pm, i went to seksyen 2 waiting for someone to go to Pusat Akuatik nearby Tesco Shah Alam for swimming. well, my swimming still sucks! haha
but thank God, atleast can swim. so, my friend daus look for my stroke. n he said that i have to go for intense training if wanna join the triathlon in July. ok, but yesterday 300m swimming makes me out of breath already. huhu...

well, that is what training are for..

so, end up yesterday (8th dec 09) story. so, today i woke up for subuh prayer and planned to go for a run in the morning as to prepare for the friday run (10km in shah alam). but somehow, i'm too tired or maybe too lazy! haha.. then slept again after prayer and just woke up at 9am. have a piece of bread n nescafe then run at 9.40am, oh my God, it's hot.. hahaha! yeah, it's different if you run in the good weather (early morning) or hot weather. but i wonder how do people run when they join the triathlon or powerman? normally it's about 11am they have to run.. uh! salute~
so, i didnt improve my running so much. just cut of 1mins. adoiii!

distance: 5km
time: 24min 14sec
ave HR: 167
max HR: 190

planned to do 6km or maybe 7km, but when reach home ( 1 lap) so lazy to continue, especially when you running alone.. haha
keep on training, never give up!

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