Friday, December 11, 2009

Larian Rakyat Selangor

yeah!! 10km.. (after a while i didnt run 10km, so, this is my first 10km in december & november). So, the race start at i-City.. 7.30am the release of 10km for category A & B (not A&W, haha!). i already plan to run relax and happily.. haha so much laughter with my friend, Nazrul.. as this is my very first time to run along with the camera.. we snap pictures from the starting line.. then just few seconds hear daus said "lari nak ambik2 gambar bagi no bib kat org lain lah" haha.... enjoying the 10km bro :) cuz medal too few, just for top20, adoi..

then nazrul & I met awin, yah, time for pictures snapping... smile~

after that we increase the pace (to find other runners).. there, will found fifi. snapping again.. from here (at 3rd km) we just run with fifi.. pushing her to get Top20.

berlakon jer nih.. mcm penat..
hah! posing habis...
run and run, after the turn around we first met hariz & haziq. *snap*.... i think they were the 1st two in our group.. good job!

not long after that met ben (not Ben 10) and luckily he called me, if not, i would missed it. but sorry bro, your picture not really clear.. *snap*

i guess soon after ben, it was jerry.. aih, i think he's losing his fitness a little. if not, he'll be with hariz or maybe faster. *snap*

daus brother just behind.. *snap one*

pahmi and his friend was next one. haha now i really alert for those at the other side of road. *snap*

yeah, then we continue climbing up the slope, pushing fifi.. tiinn tooonn... nazrul also losing his fitness.. adei! last time it was hard for me to catch up with him..

rasanya orang lain mesti xfaham ape lah nak jadi ngan mereka ni.. haha..

then many other runners that i recognize but sorry guys, i dont know your name.. oppss..

then, running along downhill, daus overtook us, tin tin... bagi signal x bro? haha.. wah, wear the terry fox t-shirt? bila eh event tu?

we just continue running and me chit chatting with nazrul.. wakaka..

"adik nak pergi mana?"
"adik nak pergi i-City ni pakcik. jauh lagi ke?"
"ye, jauh lagi... xpe2, lari pelan2.."

at around 7.5km, adoi... fifi out of breath.. she likes cant go anymore.. and nazrul?? finding tempat teduh, panas sikit jer trus lari.. hahahah! soory bro, break ur secret :p
haha, at this moment, fifi just want her "tang".. know who? :p
tp oklah, fifi could finish no.11.. nice one! she earned the medal and a beg.. :) awin also got top 20.. i guess she was no 14.. nice one..

URC President and Vice-president
URC members that joined the race! URC Rocks!! nice~

the best thing was this is my first event that my family also joined. they joined the 3km family run and finished 9th out of 40.. good job!

Distance: 10km
Time: 71mins 13sec


amilinhussin said...

huhuhu.. cam bes je

zuddin said...

haha... seyes ini larian paling byk gelak bg aku. ngan bwk kamera lagi. posing je keje ;)