Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friday test run...

4th December 2009 (Friday), the feeling to go for a run comeback even though my body still hurts a little due to the workout at the gym on tuesday. didnt plan to run long miles. just a short one but maintain the pace i set 5min/km..

uhh! 5mins?? TOO SLOW

but what can do,since my last jog was on sunday for 4.4km ( a slow and steady jog). oh, 25mins run for 5km cause me a bit of leg problems after that day. erm, i thought it wont be a problem for that distance.. well, hopefully this coming sunday (13dec2009) will goes well.. since that one is 10km.

distance: 5km
time: 25mins 13sec
max HR: 197
ave HR: 167

but instead of planning to do 10km sub 50mins, i just hope that i can do sub 55mins. cant hope more than we actually can..

therefor, i really need a consistent training for the 30km on 17th January 2010 (going to be my first event of the year!!)


pJarT_FiZa said...

eyp dude...pic kaki tu same cm kt MUER punye tag..heee...

zuddin said...

ha'ah lah.. aku pun baru perasan.. hahaha.. ke kau rindu MUER