Saturday, December 26, 2009

Malakoff 12km Run 2009

hohoho... the malakoff run was in 20dec but only now on 26th dec i'm about to write the story of it. this 12km run was different cuz i'm running with light injury on my left leg, i dont really know why. this time about 15 URC members joined the race, it was better if compared to the last year malakoff, only 5 URC members joined.
i arrived bukit kiara at 6.30am, then met the members that joined to give them the running vest and bib number. get ready, putting on the timing chip, wear the running vest, rub some counterpain on my left leg and warming up..
then be at the starting point. started with hariz, ben & fifi.. didnt see fizi, nasa, alwi, & others. i saw daus brother before start but i didnt see daus himself.
i just run this race with what i'm able to, dont intend to push myself to the limit cuz it only make it worst - hurting my left leg.
after all, running this route in bukit kiara was really tough, the hills so steep and 12km runners must do 2laps of it. adoiii...

finished the race in 1hour 02mins. nevermind, last year i did 1hour 05mins.. haha..

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suka said...

syoknyer cuti2 bole lari2..