Sunday, December 13, 2009

10km run... choo choo...

so, as i posted a post of eating nasi kandar a day before 10km, today is the day! 10km in Sg.Besi. the run started at SJK(C) Kwong Hon then we run into the Army Camp there. uh! the 10km seems so far for me.. i dont know why, maybe it's because i ran 10km on friday then again 10km on sunday (maybe tired).
started at 7am, not many URC runners joined this event. just fifi, ben, & me- again, dont know why!
we entered the 10km. meanwhile, my sisters joined the 3km (a good start for them) as next week they will join the 6km malakoff fun run.

basically, i'm in better form as compared to friday's run. my legs a little bit painful but still can withstand it. eventually, the result quite surprise me. i'm able to improve quite much. haha~

distance: 10km
date: 13dec2009
flag off: 7.00am
venue: SJK(C) Kwong Hon, Sg.Besi
timing: 49mins 36sec

with my siblings

4th placed, fifi..

with ben syahir. i got 8th and he got 15th

yeah, makan kueh teow sup selepas lari.. layaaannn~

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