Sunday, January 25, 2009

the training today

today, 25th jan 2009...

sunday, a holiday, a break from working routine, a short time for mood recovery, a single day of rest, and yes a good day for training......
today i trained twice, in the morning and also in the afternoon. morning run started at 7.00 am, and just a short run to keep active. meanwhile my afternoon run started at 6.30 pm (because i accidentally slept! haha) is a 4.4km run.. 
i used my heart rate watch for my both run. morning run using the lap timing and afternoon run using the stopwatch. here are the result:

Morning run:
distance: 1 loop = 900m
lap 1 - 5min:12sec (148 HR)
lap2 - 4min:43sec (178HR)
lap3 - 4min:29sec (182HR)

total time - 14min:15sec
average HR: 169/min

*this run was good as i normally run for 3 loops, so, i wasnt a big deal. i think i should try 5 loops and maintain below 5mins..

Afternoon run:
distance: 4.4km
route: bangsar park area
time: 25min:xxsec (i accidentally delete the data in my watch, luckily i remember some)
max HR: 188
average HR: 175
in-zone: 95%

*whoa! it was good to have heart rate monitor along in the run. as i tried to push to the energy zone (above 185) and it cause me a real terrible mess! i gasping for the air. thus, my breathing wasnt so right but i did try to control it just after my HR pass 180, my breathing became chaos! real one! thats why i need to train at above 180 for 5mins straight, just to let my body used to it. but i'm kinda satisfy with this afternoon run. enjoy it with new gadget.. hehe :)

                                                                  my training route for the afternoon run


Anonymous said...

No pain no gain.... whatever da hardship that comes ur way.... its just part of the game...
Hey...never give up!

Anonymous said...

Here is something I found: "Interestingly, recent studies have not found an increased risk of osteoarthritis in long-distance runners."
(Osteoarthritis: Loss of cartilage that cushion the joints)

:) So ur knee probably wont suffer that...hehe.