Sunday, January 11, 2009

1st event of 2009!

KLAVA Open Back To Nature Relay 2009

Organised by : Kuala Lumpur Association of Veteran Athletes (KLAVA)
Venue : Taman Metropolitan Batu, Off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 11 January 2009
Time : 7.30am
Distance : 3.6km per loop
Runners per team : 3 runners

This morning went to Taman Metropolitan Batu to join the relay race, for the first time. It was really enjoyful, and need team-work. I was the 1st runner 2nd runner was Nazrul, and 3rd runner was hariz. Our team which was recognized as "Mobbylity" (Nazrul named it) and there was women team named as "Charlie's Angels" (haha! I just suggest it to them, and they accept it). Our uitm runners club president (Mr. Syahidan) was team-up with his friends. Well, this race wasn't in our club schedule, that's why he didn't come with the club, this event is just our own initiative to come and join.

Syah got 4th place for his team. running fast eh!
Team timing (10.8km) - ???
My team got 15th place out of 31 competitive team. 
Team timing (10.8km) - 52min 41sec
Charlie's Angels team got 1st place out of 6 competitive team! (Good job girls!)
Team timing (10.8km) - 61min 52sec

Now is about me;
From Shah Alam, we went to the venue noted at 5.45am. arrived there at about 6.40am, we stopped at mosque first for Subuh prayer. Then we went to the park and met Syah there. As we walking to the gathering place, we saw people already started to register and pin-up the number on their shirts. To cut short,I started the race in a good condition, but somehow i feel a little bit stomach ache. Then, just run for 1min, my stomach ache get worst! ah! damn, this is really a problematic..... So, I try my best to not to think about it and just focus my run. Yes, I made it, but it only for about 5min, later my stomach ache attack again. Arr, really distracting. I have no other option but to slow down, there is no such thing as stop and go to the toilet, it will waste the time so much. So I slow down myself but the important thing is to keep running and some veteran men already far infront of me. People said don't judge a book by it's cover. Well, it is so true. They are consistent, infact, they are better than me. They maybe not fast like young people, but to see they stop running and start walking, well,it just in your dream. Then, at about 500m more, I started to keep up pace, adding more energy, putting more efforts in the run. 80m ahead, what else, SPRINT!!!! That what I did, and my target for end of this year, in a long distance running, at almost the end of the race, I want to be able to sprint at 500m to the end.... IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING
"Mobbylity"(hariz, naz, zuddin)

"Charlie's Angels" (fifi, ecah, ruby)

me running to the "change zone"

UiTM Malaysia Runners Club members
(front from left: ruby; fifi; ecah.... back from left: syah; hariz; naz; zuddin)
at the gate of taman metropolitan batu

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