Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Starting~

Hi.. this is my first time writing on a blog. And at this moment i'm going to write something about my short term goal - running for 10km on "Adidas King Of The Road" on 8th august 2008.
It just about 4 weeks to go starting from now (12/07/2008). I'm going to update my work here as this might make me more serious into this, and next year my target is 22.7km
(for a half-marathon).

On 28th June, i have hurt my ankle when i run for 7.2km in 50mins. Urgh! it's so frustrating as after that i can't run anymore. I have stop running for a while for recovery. But the recovery wasn't fast as i expected. It takes two weeks for that. But in the meanwhile, i'm not totally rest myself from do the work-out. I still do my training in my room, i do push-ups, sit-ups, plank, and weight lifting. This would ensure that i'm not totally out of stamina, i hope so..

The longest run i ever did was the 7.2km and i got my ankle hurt for that, so, i actually wondering can i run for 10km? haha! As Adidas say - "Impossible Is Nothing".. So, i will go for that. Maybe it's about shoes too. I right now using my old shoes to run (it is 2 years already) which i use for squasy and tennis :)
So, it's proven that shoes playing a part too for the run, if you get unsuitable shoes, you may hurt yourself. Looking forward to buy new shoes soon, and it's not just for the 10km run, but it's for my passion of running... huh! i have new hobby - RUNNING..

If, you guys outside there have any tips for me, i would love to listen. Just drop some comments.

"Run For Live"

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