Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the assignment~

Yesterday (15th July '08) my lecturer gave me an assignment and I think I'm the one most excited about this assignment compared to the others. The assignment is to record our food intake for a week. And to calculate how much calorie we take every day.
I think, I'm the one who started the assignment first in the class today (16th July '08).
I've been taking pictures of food that i ate and I'll do extra on this assignment eventhough this assignment don't contribute to any marks. haha, sort of enjoying doing this.. :)

As what we have been taught in the class, how much we should eat depend on our weight (calorie intake).
It is like this:

(your weight in kg x 30kcal) = amount you should take daily

For me;

60 x 30kcal = 1800kcal

That means I should take 1800kcal daily and if I want to loose some weight, I should cut off about 400-500kcal daily...
But as I'm doing exercise, I'm not suppose to take less than that. However, this is what happen - I only take about 1400kcal to 1800kcal...
Now, I'm going to change my diet, I've been thinking to take more protein and carbohydrate. Eat rice back and eat more bread and eggs, drink milk, and not forgetting the meat.. haha!

My training of having good healthy body and life is going well i guess. I will go for jog/run once in a two days and do indoor exercise once in two days too.. If i run on Monday, then on Tuesday I will do indoor exercise and get back on track on Wednesday.
I've read that intervals training is better to reduce weight and build up some muscle (with proper eating habits). Because of that, I have add sprint run in my routine too.

Hmm, all these things that I've been doing is for my health and this also can reduce stress. I do hope that my friend will notice how important exercise is and how important to take it seriously in their life. To me, around this age is the best age to exercise as we are young.


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