Sunday, July 13, 2008

The shoes that matters...


Today i just bought a new shoes in Midvalley mega mall. I've been spending 3 hours to look around and do some survey about the price and the model of the shoes. I certainly now into Adidas brand. I don't know why, but i feel that branded things like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, and etc have their good technology that make it so damn expensive.. Adidas response is now my new shoes.. The feel is so different from my old jogging shoes. The soft, flexible, and comfort feeling is so worth it for the price. With this technology too, I can prevent knee injuries.. My grand-uncle also suggest me to buy a new pair of shoes before from Adidas or Nike that have shock-absorption ability, it's to prevent knee problem in the future.

This is my new shoes: the box...

ADIDAS Response 16th Edition; size 9 1/2..

, I won't forget all those my training with my old shoes.. It has been my accompany from last 2 years and now, from jogging, running, squash, and even tennis, luckily i have another shoes for badminton. And for now, it should have a little bit more rest now..

Below is my old accompany... hehehe..

Power shoes; size 10...

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