Friday, July 18, 2008

Life is Wonderful.... is it true?

When we talk about life, what would be your first impression? How does your face looks like? What do you give? A smile or the otherwise? To me, I would like to give a big SMILE :)..........


I do admit that life sometimes get so complicated, so difficult, so frustrated, but all those things give you and me this thing - "EXPERIENCE".... The thing that make us mature and the thing that gives us lesson. Without frustration, sadness or hard times in life, we could not ever step further in life to achieve success. Remember that those tears is actually the fuel that gives us strength to be better in life and to achieve something that we target. "If it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger".


Our life is something very wonderful as it is full of tears and joy.. Without tears and sadness, joy would be something normal and you wouldn't appreciate it if you have it. Without difficulties to achieve something, you wouldn't appreciate if you get it or maybe you don't even care.
I would never forget all my friends that gave me joy and laughter, all those cherish and crazy moment together. I hope that I can spend more time in that moment but these happy moment flow so damn fast and you would never know it is going to end soon.


This is so beautiful and sweet but it is sometimes complicated. How can you love or like someone but you think that you don't have chemistry with him/her? How is it? Complicated right? Hurm.... But when you love/like someone, you would do some crazy things, you would help her/him no matter how difficult it is. You tend to do things you don't actually do before just for the person you like. You start to listen to love songs... Hahaha that's so true..
Love could be simple, easy going, sweet, happy, but it also can turn into vice versa...

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