Wednesday, July 16, 2008

doing some reading~

I've surf the website on marathon in Kuala Lumpur, and I've found one. It's AmBank KL International Marathon. It is an annual programme and normally in March.
The fee is RM40 for marathon and RM25 for half-marathon.
We can get the certificate if finish in 7 hours. WOW! Who is going to run for 7 hours?
And will get the finisher medal for those who finish the race below 7 hours.

It looks very good to me at first, but then, after reading people's story, he told that only about 800 finish the race annually. For sure there is more than 800 participant, but less than 800 finish. What happen to others? hahaha... That's why we need a lot of training before going for marathon. Mental and physical preparation should be done accordingly and discipline...

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