Thursday, February 26, 2009

KL City Day Run

hoho.... another 10km..

So, last 22nd feb 2009 was another 10km for me in Dataran Merdeka.. after 10 days no training, i joint the 10km race. CRAZY!!!
by the way, at first, i just think to have fun jogging with the crowds, but after 10min run, i start to compete with people around and at 20min, i think if i already tired for this run, why don't i push myself to get medal atleast! hehe.. the the struggle begins~ my breathing wasn't that good compare to the great eastern 20km run, my pace mix up (sometimes fast, sometimes too slow) and in fact,i stopped few times for this race because too tired. haha! really not fit enough. at 30min race, one of the club members, Sufinah overtake me. and i definitely shock! she overtake me? how slow i am? hihi... oklah, then i just follow her for 7mins and i overtake her back. then start to push myself harder. and about 2.5km to the finish line, there was one guy talk with me, at first i'm ok, but one minute after that, my breathing berterabur, tercungap-cungap.. hahah! 

oklah, i finished the race and received the finisher medal.
here are the details:

event: KL City Day Run
date: 22nd Feb 2009
starting time: 7.30 am
distance: +- 10.5 km
time: 56:05
max HR: 198 bpm
ave HR: 185 bpm
kcal burn: 1205 kcal


adek dush said...

training2...jgn malas...

pJarT_FiZa said...

congrats dpt medal aritu..
aku xdpt medal...huhuh...
sdey2 "(...

zuddin said...

training ar ngan adek_dush pjart oii... gempak bro ni, atlit triathlon tu..

hehe ;)