Sunday, September 28, 2008


Its been a long time I didn't play football and that day I play futsal with my classmates. Oh yah! It's kinda fascinating. Even though I'm not good in it, but I found out that this is a good game to play. If you play it seriously, it'll test your fitness and stamina as you will hardly find time to rest compared to football.. Hmm, looking forward to buy futsal shoes but I'm thinking about when will I be playing again after this sem as this is my final sem? Better buy new shoes to run! haha! Running is everything~

Futsal needs skills as it is played in a small court and you really need to be fast enough to be good. My friend (amir) is good. Maybe he should form a team and join any competition open everyone.

taking picture after the game..
*back: me, amir, bro, pok
  front: e-cah, ana, milin

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