Sunday, August 31, 2008

UiTM Megathon

Yesterday (30th August 2008), there was UiTM Megathon 5.5KM for men open. I joint the race even though I'm not in a very good condition, my leg is hurt but "impossible is nothing" huh! haha.. Some of my friends also joint it under our academic club - Persatuan Teknologi Makanan (PERTEMA).
The distance is short but the route really test my strength and stamina. The route is hilly. When I run the hill, I know that I need more extra training but not a normal training instead hilly route. I got 21st place in Men Open but it's not important, the most important is my own time. As I finished the race in 25mins, I believe that I've improve my running. I run 5km for 25 minutes before in the flat route and yesterday was a hilly route. That's why I think I've improve myself a bit.. But still need a lot of training.
Ok, so, training training training.......

By the way, good job to all my friends - Eddiey, Viva Mariz, Aisyah, Syatilah, Adilah, Eta, & Jie....
All of them had given their best! Congrats to Viva that got 19th place in women open..

1 comment:

Viva said...

ha3..lwk ah citer nih =p ptt lar u tanye V dpt tmpt no. brape s'mlm.

i think u have a gr8 idea!jom2 msk race Mizuno 2 wiv all of our klasm8s..Pertema members lg bgs,xpecially yg msk race s'mlm.hopefully dpt meng bsr lg..ha2.but i wonder,cemn nak g sn pg2?

ystrday's race did inspire family cam x caye i got top 20.
oh well~~