Monday, August 31, 2009

wah it's been a month!

salam to all reader..
wah, it's been a month i didn't write anything to my blog. am i busy or i just lazy? haha!
well, since i've been in a new semester, doing my degree, it's a little bit harder to update my story in my blog. never mind, the most important thing is for me to keep on training.
my last update was in 28th july 2009. i joined the Adidas king of the road and i'm not satisfied with it even a little!! i joined the 22km, and i arrived late, i started my race from behind, and the worst thing i didnt received finisher medal!! damn frustrated.. cant believe i ran for 22km without a finisher medal (really hate to talk about this event!!!).

my last running event after duathlon was "Larian Sukan Antara Fakulti" in UiTM shah alam. i got 10th position in that event. i was shocked due to so many participants participated in that race, about 600 joined that race (only for UiTM students). good one!
well, what am i proud of is from no.1 to no.15 were UiTM Runners' Club members except no.7 and 8 i think. the distance? oh, it was about 6km. i'm not so sure. but i'm sure that i push myself hard enough to maintain that 10th position. oh my God, i do really need more training to be faster. hehe..

before the race started

to the finish line.. so close with the runner behind me...

yah picture after running....

that was my last running event, now, i just keep on training with Nasrul and Fizi (but he's in recovery). few months ago, when i have nothing to do in the afternoon, i was relaxing myself in the room or look for the unfinished works or playing computer games but now is totally different! when there is nothing to do, i feel so unsatisfied. i need some physical activity! huhu.. as now in ramadhan month, i just have light jog from 6.10pm to 6.40pm or maybe do a speed training. but somehow it will change soon..... as i received a call from en.hafiz (our kayak team manager) telling me that we have a game in Oct 2009! ASEAN VARSITY BOAT RACE. sounds big isnt it? hehe.. so, my running will be cut off a little and put some kayak training in the afternoon. ;)
well, lets hope what i do is good enough for my kayak performance, running performance, and of course my STUDY! hehe..

with yazid in the first day of degree register i guess...

well, all the best aizuddin! big effort big achievement! insyallah...


pJarT_FiZa said...

bz yerr dude
papepon gud luck in ur next event
rajen2 update blog..

Anonymous said...

Going to be active again huh? Whatever it should be first priority....unless U intend to end up for "sports for life"...Changing your major can be an option.... and it is still not too late.
From..U know who.